Thursday, October 27, 2011

Way #26: Tag, You're It


You don't have to have cute wrapping paper to make a package special. Sometimes it's easier (and faster) to let the tag do all the hard work. My shortcut? Use what you've already got.

These have been sitting in my drawer for years. See that clearance sticker? 98 cents for 24. At that price I can afford to cut one up without feeling guilty.

We've talked about using paper scraps for shapes before, now we're just working with a smaller canvas. Which means, if the shape is simple, you (or should I say, "Even I, the worstest drawer EVER") can freehand it.

Need more inspiration?

(Okay, so technically these neapolitan bars aren't tags, but wouldn't they be charming?)


  1. If I beg will you do this for 31 more days???? I am loving it, almost want to give somebody somethin!

  2. What inspiration! First, I'm impressed by all the awesome examples you gathered and secondly I seriously need to up my game on gift wrapping. I second Laura that you should offer more posts on creative gift wrapping. :)

  3. Yes, Me 3...Awesome Ideas..please post more :-)

  4. Ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeei !!! Lindooooooooooooooos e inspiradores seus trabalhos !!!!!!!


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