Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Way #25: Awesome Blossoms

I love flowers.

Not so much receiving them, as my hubby has learned after 16 years of marriage ("You spent HOW MUCH on something that's gonna die in a few days?"), but making them? Oh yes.

Maybe it brings back fond memories of elementary school, when my sisters and I used to glue sunflowers onto barrettes and clip them in our hair. Or girls camp, when we turned seed beads into daisy chains.

Or perhaps they're so scrunchy and imperfect that it's impossible to mess them up.

Yeah. I REALLY like that part.

Especially when you can use things you've already got around the house (pages from dog chewed books) and just play around, ending up with something that's kinda cool for having no skill.

Link Tutorial (if you can call it that) here.

That being said, I certainly have no problem cheating. Just pull the bloom off of a store bought stem and hot glue it on.

You can roll 'em,

Tutorial Here

or go full out Edward Scissorhands.

(I know....another Johnny Depp reference)

Make them outta crepe paper,


or tissue paper,

or add a some tulle.

Tutorial here.

Not in a hurry? Hand stitch some felt blooms,

or bling up a simple poinsettia.

I've never bought wax paper before , but I'm adding it to my grocery list.

Tutorial here.

I am SO doing this.
Here they've been mounted to canvas, but I'm squinting my eyes and pretending they're gift boxes. Lovely.
For once, 3-D that doesn't give me headache.
Even the craft impaired can do this. Three circle-ish shapes and a button? Love.


  1. I heart flowers too! You have some gorgeous ones on here!!

  2. Oooh, I like these, and just in time for Christmas too. Thanks!

  3. May I just say... You are my new favorite blog... I found you via a link of your craft room on apartment therapy, and you're just great!

  4. Thanks for the link! Love your flower round-up - need to try some of these ideas.


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