Monday, October 24, 2011

Way #23: Party Animal

Put those scraps of paper to use and make a topper guaranteed to bring a smile.

Why does that sound like a dentist commercial?

It's true though. What 8 year old's heart wouldn't melt for this? Alright, it works on 34 year olds too. Mr. Penguin's charm knows no boundaries.

(or you could add a hair bow and it could be Ms. Penguin)

(notice the itty-bitty ribbon scrap covered mini-clothespin? Took no more than 2 seconds.)

I found the pattern here, printed it, and cut it out from bits of extra paper scraps. So easy. Make the kids do it while you sneak in the kitchen and eat leftover cookie dough.
What if you wanna make something that doesn't have a pattern? Make your own.
*Tip: when doing a Google image search, filter the results by clicking the "Black and White" in the color section and "Clip Art" in the Type section. (Horrible photo of my computer screen, but see where those arrows are? That will get you clear, simple shapes rather than actual photos. Who wants to sort through a buncha stuff that you can't use?)
Same wrapping as Mr. Penguin, just with a piece of scrapbook paper, rick rack and a circle medallion. And if you've been following along the whole series these are THINGS YOU'VE ALREADY GOT IN YOUR BAG O' TRICKS. Which means you're bored and want to see some other animals ready to party.

Wish granted.

Full tutorial here.
source source source source source source source source


  1. I have to love any post that starts off with a photo of Buster Bluth! (the gift wrapping is adorable too!)

  2. Wow! So many cute ideas. I am totally gift wrapping impaired. I especially love the birds!

  3. I think it's worth noting when giving a tutorial like this that Google images are NOT public domain or free-clip art images. They are just image search results and each image that comes up in your search results actually belongs to SOMEbody. Most images - even within the clip art search, are copyrighted images.


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