Friday, October 21, 2011

Way #20: Hang It Out To Dry (Fast Friday)

(I can't believe we're already at #20.)

It's Friday, which means it's time for a quickie.

If you've got a minute -literally ONE MINUTE - you've got enough time to slap together a clip to attach your gifts tags and prolly have 13 seconds leftover. It's a last minute wrappers dream come true.

Here's the brain surgery, rocket science equation.

You can cut the strip of paper into two sections, if you want to be able to see that little swirly metal part, but you don't have to. You could also seal it with watered down glue or mod podge. My gifts don't usually go out to sea, so I'm not really worried about their waterproofed-ness.


You'll have tons of leftovers {they come in packs of 100} so you can go funky with the cheese whiz and create 'til your hearts content.

Stamp a name,

or a message.

Change it up with some fabric.

Or lace.




More flowers.

Some itty bitty pinwheels (you know how I love those)


Or, since it's that time of year, why not some spookification?


  1. I can actually add something to this one...I have seen them rolled in glitter too!

  2. I love this! I just cleaned up my gift wrap supplies (inspired by YOU!) and found some clothespins...can't wait to use them now!

  3. oh I am loving your series!!! Thanks for all the fun ideas! You inspired a little creativity in me as I wrapped gifts to send my sisters-in-law yesterday.

  4. I just looked at all the ways to wrap things. OMG you are soooo creative! It was amazing at all the things and creations! You are sooooo talented!

  5. I love how these look! I have made some of these before and they always come in so handy! Smack some magnets on the back and Pow! they turn into great artwork holders for the fridge! Or- use them to hold up a banner on some twine! Loving these! Must make some new ones for Christmas!


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