Thursday, October 20, 2011

Way #19: Ruffles Have Ridges

Foof and poof. Something that doesn't come naturally to this plain and simple mama of mostly boys, but I can appreciate some tussle and bustle when the time is right.

Never made ruffles before? Dana shows you how better than I ever could here in this post.

I followed her directions with a 3 inch wide strip of ripped fabric and ended up with this. Just the right size for wrapping around a package. And not too feminine either.

If you don't have a machine, or have one but want to say naughty words every time you use it because the stupid bobbin runs out just as you're getting your groove on because it's stupid and maybe it's your own fault but there's no way it could be because it's the stupid one.....where was I? Oh yeah:

You can buy rolls of PREMADE scrunched up goodness. God is good.

(The pile of thread pieces I forgot to take off before taking the photo are just a bonus.)

(You're welcome.)

Once you've got the idea, the possibilities are endless. You could do baby steps and start with tags,

graduate to gift bags,

then go wild and use anything you can find. Scrunched up cupcake liners.

Crepe paper streamers.

Even old dictionaries or books. Or maybe $5 newspapers?


  1. Diggin' that crepe paper (I feel so frenchy when I type 'crepe'...which is better than feeling freaky for typing creep. whatev)

    Must try this for when baby shower time comes. If I've survived the wedding first.

  2. Not related to gift wrapping, but congrats on being featured on Craft!


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