Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Way #17: Your Biggest Fan

Actually, I don't know what these circle-y things are called. Accordions? Medallions? No clue. They're circle fans to me.

(Even though you can make cool leaf shapes too.)

You need two strips of paper. It can be scrapbook paper, book pages, construction paper, even long strips of wrapping paper. Whatever.

The important thing is that the width is HALF the width that you want your finished circle to be.

For this 6 inch diameter circle, I cut mine 3 inches wide by 12 inches long.

(if you don't have 12 inches worth of length, you can just piece smaller strips together after you're done folding )

Fold them up like you're in 4th grade and making a paper fan to cool off/hit boys with,

then glue them together to make one long piece, making sure that you keep the folds going up/down/up/down.

Glue the ends together, making a circle (still keeping the up/down pattern),

then smoosh it flat. Put a dab of hot glue in the middle and squish it together, holding it a few seconds until it dries.

I also hot glue a piece of paper on to the back in the middle for reinforcement to keep it from popping back up.

To cover up the middle (which you don't have to do - you can see in the first photo that my garland circles are left plain), I cut a little robot guy outta some other paper,

and hot glued it on.

You can get all fancy and layer it up with more circles and buttons or whatever else you can find lurking on your messy craft table (Kit Kat wrappers, anyone?),

or go country with a decorative BRAD and some PAISLEY. Yee haw.


  1. Thanks for sharing. . .I can't wait to try this! So many possibilities!


  2. So freaking cute! So many ways to use this to dress up my xmas presents :)

  3. You are funny and creative. I am now your newest biggest fan. ;) Keep the great tips coming!

  4. Oh my gosh Ive been wondering how you made these ever since I found your blog(sewing room makeover) a few weeks ago. I knew I couldve googled them to find out but life got busy and then here ya are, posting it for me. Thank you!

  5. very cool.

    so i was soclose to stopping by today (i was over by michaels/hobbylobby, then went to our thrift store) next time i really should. it's crazy we haven't met.

    by the way, i tried to comment on the sleepless and seattle idea but couldn't find the comment button...don't know what was up, but i love swatches, and any sleepless reference...

  6. Loving the leaves!!

  7. Love the circle fans! In fact, I think I'm going to steal the garland idea....thanks for the inspiration!!

  8. So much wrapping awesomeness coming from Miss Rebecca! I saved the fabric strawberry off of the huge decorated, personalized to match the theme of the shower gift for Natalie and it is now in my scrapbook. So craft away, because I'm sure everyone would love to see a Rebecca gift with their name on it!

  9. Added to 'must do this'. You're killing me here. I'll be obsessed for months wrapping everything in plain sight using circle fans, cardstock and ornaments. And jeans pockets. That'd look cute on my dog.

  10. I got lost at the "smash it down" part...I'm retarded! It looked so easy until that part. Help!

  11. Here's a link that I found that can give you a visual (about 3:30 minute mark):



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