Monday, October 17, 2011

Way #16: Gifts With Balls {and other ornaments}

Even though scrapbook paper is my go-to way to wrap up crap most of the year, when it comes to Christmas I have another lover. Shiny, rustic, big or small - I'm not picky. Ornaments are the holy trinity of gift wrap: Easy. Fast. Cheap.

(A box of fudge dipped oreos, all wrapped up for teacher gifts)

If you were around these parts during the holiday season, you've already heard about all the reasons why I always pile presents on the mantel. Why wrap up cute gifts just to shove them under the tree?

(If you notice, most of them are ornament-ed.)

Unbreakable ornaments come in tubes at the Dollar Store, and sparkly snowflakes are 5 for a $1 at Target. For 20 cents you add a ton of bling. And if you've got favorite (non-breakable) ornaments, use those too. Once the loot gets opened, they're just stored away for next year. You could even make your own if you felt ambitious. Which I never do come December. But they're super cute. source ("Merry Christmas" from Dollar Tree)

I always stock up during clearance time (or half off at Hobby Lobby right now - they'll be nothing left after mid-December) on stuff that could be used year round. What else could you find this handsome that's already made and ready to tie on for $1.33? Even if the tag says Christmas, there's no rule that says it couldn't go on a wedding gift.

When you look at a sparkly cupcake, do you think "Why is Rebecca so cheap that she's giving me her leftover holiday junk?" or "That's so cute I don't wanna open it?"



  1. If you made the chocolate dipped oreos, I would love the recipe. This is such a lovely holiday wonderland!

  2. There just is no excuse for me any longer, I have come over to the other side!

  3. I'm afraid I wouldn't take the time to do such amazing wrapping for a gift. But, for Christmas decorations for our house, I definitely will! I hadn't thought of using wrapped boxes as decor, but it looks great. Thanks for sharing!


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