Thursday, July 21, 2011

Repurposing A Repurposed Mantel

Sierra is off to girls camp, which means that not only am I staying home from work all week (which means I have time), but I also have free reign of her room (which means I can do whatever I want).


* * * * *

Remember this lovely lady?

And how she got cleaned up, painted and got to hang out in our game room? She even wore party clothes when the holidays came around, and we warmed our tootsies-whatever those are- by her chalk fire.

(No, I never did edit out the stowaway in this photo. Missed it? Check the comments here.)

But we've done some rearranging (shocking!) and there are exciting things happening in this room. Unfortunately, they don't involve her. Meanwhile, Sierra had been living without a headboard forever......and although she strongly dislikes me fussing around in her room....or hates it....I can't really remember which one.....where was I? Oh yeah, I was at that part where I WOULD ask her, but....she's gone.

And when she gets back? No more bed against the wall.

(super sneaky mom's-just-taking-some-random-photos before shot)

Okay, maybe kinda it's technically still against the wall, but certainly an improvement. Hopefully the IKEA Tim Burton-esque fabric on the pillow cases will soften her heart and she'll weep with happiness...or possibly rage. You never can tell with teenagers.


  1. Ah! Love! Is she an artist, your little one?

  2. I like it! I think she'll like it too, or not care. I wouldn't expect rage. I like the IKEA fabric pillows, those would soften my heart toward anything you did in my room.

  3. Do I have to tell you? You already know! I LOVE IT!! Everything you do I love!!

  4. I love it! My girl was gone for 3 weeks and everyday I looked in her room and thought hmmmm, but honestly I would of had to clean it first and so I lost interest. Good to see you on here again!

  5. HA!! I remember going to music camp and coming home to ivy stenciled in mom's bathroom one year. It must be a special joy that comes from children being gone for a week;) (Said joy starts August 23rd around here!)

  6. I REALLY like it, you can come mess around in my room anytime.

  7. It's awesome! if she even complains you should tell her Santa's watching :) I really wished you lived here and could come help me. I would even leave while you work your magic :)


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