Friday, April 8, 2011

Paper Flowers: The Perfect Way To Wrap A {gasp!} Store Bought Gift

It's a sad state of affairs when life allows such little free time (or money) for anything crafty that the thought of wrapping a baby shower gift makes my heart go pitter pat, but it is what is it. And I'll take it.

As much as I love me some wrapping paper, there is also something so charming about a simple white box. And when I say charm, what I really mean is convenience: there's always a stash of them in my craft closet.

Of course you could leave it au natural and unadorned, but where's the fun in that?

Besides, that decades old scrapbook paper stash isn't gonna clean itself out. The plain-ness makes a great base to go in any direction you want. Today? I want stripes. Yep, just like in this post.

Taped on some ribbon. And then it was time for a lil' free style. It started out with a few circles out of old book pages (The characters' names totally give it away- any guesses?) and hot gluing them down. Then I cut a bunch more, made slits along the edge, rounded off the corners, crumpled, folded, hot glued....well, you get the idea. No rhyme, no reason, no strategy - my favorite kind of project. Foofed it all up, and finished off with a few buttons in the middle. Call me Marie - I just made Paper Roses. And got a crafting fix. Score.


  1. I wouldn't want to open the box!!! Come on you're makin' me look bad! You should see the pathetic excuses of wrapped presents I've presented to people in the past. They turn out like your calzones;)

  2. SO cute, but it is a crime to chop up Anne of Green Gables. Really, you have to draw the line somewhere. ;)

  3. Cute! Your wrapped gifts always give me crafter's envy. But I agree with Kim--you can't destroy Anne of Green Gables!

  4. Anne-girl paper flowers? Kill me now.

  5. Calm down, ladies. Those pages were salvaged from a simplified reader that I bought for Sierra 10 years ago that had been mangled by the dog and therefore *should* have been thrown away long ago.

    Unless you're a craft hoarder.

    Which goes without saying.

  6. Pennie's comment, "she's got too much time on her hands." Justin's reply, "meanwhile there's an autistic kid running naked through the neighborhood." Ha!!! Sorry about the calzone reference.

  7. Stop it. Stop it now. Ooh! I just saw the gift wrapping sidebar. That was for me. Thank you! Your wrapping posts are some of my favorites.

  8. I KNEW you didn't/wouldn't chop up Anne of Green Gables. (Because the print is smaller in the "real" book;)
    Oh. My. Yum.
    Yum. Yum. Yum.
    My birthday is April 23. All I want is a box. One "Rebecca wrapped box" please. Contents in box are not necessary.

  9. Wow that is really cool! Thank you for sharing!

  10. You are an awesome overachiever!

  11. That's super cute! Someday when you are visiting Liz I hope I can meet you!

  12. I am trying to make cute gifts this year! This is adorable!

  13. Can't understand the word, but LOVE your photos<3

  14. This is adorable!!! I'm stealing your idea as soon as I have to wrap another gift!

  15. Whoa....I feel sort of famous right now. Like a strange, proud feeling. I am the proud recipient of that most darling gift wrapped box (and the cutest little outfit that was inside).

    I'm so glad you have pictures so that I can come back and look at the gift wrapping every once in a while. And maybe try to copy it sometime.

  16. Adorable, but when you added the leaf, what kind of ink (and how?) did you do the edging? Thank you for your time and awesome ideas!

    1. Press a Qtip (or use a little eye shadow applicator thing-y) into a black stamp inkpad and kinda "smear" on the edges.....super easy.

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