Saturday, March 19, 2011

20 Years Ago (almost to. the. day.)

Sierra went to her last day of Spring Break Film Camp this week wearing this. Roger took one look at her and declared that she looked ridiculous. Clearly he and I have different views when it comes to sass. Funkiness. Whimsy. All things that he despises, while I embrace. For the record, all qualities that he admits he fell in love with while we were dating. Just sayin.

While we were *discussing* our opposing sides on the subject, I remembered something. Long, long ago another 14 year old on her Spring Break wearing.....

(wait for it)


A phone call was immediately put in to Grandma, knowing that she'd have the photographic evidence I needed. And Mom - you didn't disappoint. Is it nurture or is it an

I like to think it's genetic, as is the ability to not be bothered by what your daughter is wearing. Thanks for that too, Mom. For the record, I still love polka dots. And colored hair.

I'm also glad to have a shimmer of hope that grumpy teens eventually grow out of their perpetual unhappiness.



  1. The 1991 Rebecca is the one I know! I love love love that Sierra inherited your ability to use fashion as expression of self. Awesome. She's following in great footsteps.

  2. Yep she got her fashion sense from her mama!

  3. You both look great, I especially love the expression on Sierra's face. Your purple hair rocks, someday I'll get the guts to put some pink stripes in mine.

  4. Too funny! I bet that gave your hubby and daughter a good chuckle. I think you rocked it!

    Kendra aka “Domestic Princess in Training”

  5. This reminded me that I was a little scared of you in high school. I scare easy. Still do. Perhaps it's good you live in Texas.

  6. HA!!! I love it and mom's bag lady coat. I'm telling you between your stripes, Benjamin's snow boots, Khristie's fanny pack and a few puff paint shirts we must have been quite the sight to behold on that cruise!

  7. The puff paint shirts - how could I forget about those???? "Pick out your fish, children....."

    I was old enough to excuse myself from that horror. Although I do seem to be standing dangerously close to the fanny pack.

  8. LOL... I dont even have a comment..


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