Wednesday, January 5, 2011

(one of my) New Years Resolutions: Craft More

or Being Creative Can Make You So Happy That You Hardly Even Notice The House Being Messy For 17 Days In A Row.

Really. It's True.*

* results may vary with husbands.

I took most of this Christmas vacation off from working, which meant I had time, in between nuturing my children, dealing with their ringworm and broken fingers and annoying neighborhood friends, to do something I've missed: making stuff.

I've lamented over and over how much I hate to sew, but when you've got a pattern that's super easy AND turns out so cute.....well, you already know where this is going. Remember this apron? I've wanted to make another one forever and if you're going through the trouble of making ONE,

you might as well make TWO, right? My dining room table was already a mess anyway. My mom came to visit for a week (YAY!) and she caught the bug too. I believe her grand total was 5?? Completely out of control. It was in the midst of all of this that I realized that there is something very cathartic about creating. There aren't too many things more enjoyable then tucking the littles into bed, putting on "Baby Mama" and keeping your fingers busy. Especially if your OWN mama is there.

(Speaking of busy fingers, check out the talent that I certainly did NOT get. She bought the top headband to "use as a pattern" and free styled the bottom one. Ridiculous.)

I kept myself busy with (yet another) book page wreath. You gotta match the skill to the player, if ya know what I'm sayin, and the only thing required for this is a glue gun, a pulse, and ripped up bits of a book. Check, check and check.

Speaking of bits, sewing projects leave a ton of them that, with my hoarder nature, I can't bear to throw away. IT PHYSICALLY HURTS ME. When I spotted these on a Kroger endcap for $2, a solution was born.

I'm not a ruffle girl by nature, but maybe a little foof will make frozen chicken nuggets taste a little better. A girl can only hope. Or perhaps this is the year that the joy of creating will spill over into the kitchen. I wouldn't count on it.


  1. Love them! I DON"T sew... but man, I'm wishing I did, right about now!

  2. I will teach you to cook, if you teach me to be crafty. Deal? I have made a couple of those books though, and we totally did them for Super Saturday. Snow balls? Nope that was totally just me! hehe ~melanie

  3. You are a nut! Love the comment about the neighborhood kids! People never get it, they say I do too much. I tell them the "craft doing" keeps me sane for all the other life stuff! Right??? Lovely aprons, that is the same fabric I used in my office.

  4. I love your resolution! For you! And for me that I get to read all about it. I also love your title and subtitle and really just this whole post. Oh and also the ringworm.

  5. You go, girl! Love the aprons (you already know I do) and now the towels. I foresee me making a BUNCH of these this year....if only you will teach me how. IDK ANYTHING about a ruffle (excelt that once I tried to make one, the string broke, and I trashed it.)

  6. Foofy and sassy have such a fine line. I'd call the towels just over that line closer to sas;) I LOVE all the crafty things! I need to come next time!!!

  7. Love the aprons! I'm gonna need to break out my sewing machine!

  8. Loving the aprons and the wreath and the towels...and, and, and. Can't wait for you to inspire me (to copy you) more!

  9. I too am looking forward to crafting more this year. Will be getting my craft room in order after the kitchen. The aprons and towels are great. Jackie

  10. The way I wrote my goal was to spend more time being creative. For me, that can mean crafting, decorating, or photography. We have big plans to start finishing our craft shack/work shop, and I'm super excited to have an actual designated spot to craft.
    I SO want to learn to SEW!! It makes me ache to see the cute little projects and know that I can't do them!

  11. Those are adorable. What a great new idea to try.

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