Friday, December 31, 2010

Reflections: Top 10 of 2010

(based on comments, because there is no way that I'd be able to pick.)

(Click on the title to see the post, and don't ask me about the link font color being off - Blogger editing seems to be on Christmas break as well.)

1. Two sheets of beadboard create magic:

Kitchen Soffits and Other Crimes Against Humanity

2. Fixin' up the ol' gun rack into something less....ugly:

The Results. A Billion Years Later.

3. If Clorox wanted a testimonial, they could've just asked.

And I Thought Skid Marks Were Just For Underwear

4. Breaking free of my beige prison cell:

Because A Girl Can Only Take So Much Neutral Before She Snaps

5. Further evidence that I'd rather start 5 projects than finish one:

Just One More Way I'm Wasting Time When We Have Visitors Arriving In Less Than 24 Hours and I Haven't Cleaned A Dang Thing

6. Primitive movie making software acts as my mid-summer therapy:

My First Video (with, ya know, music and stuff)

7. No way that diamonds are *my* best friend:

Nothing Says Love and Commitment Like a Uke. Except Maybe Uke Lessons.

8. Sometimes perfection doesn't take time:

Silhouettes {the five minute version}

9. My planter box solution for the brutal Texas heat:

If Most Women Fake It, Why Can't I?

10. Maybe 2011 will bring about a miraculous change, and next December I'll emerge poised, respectful and mature. But for now, you'll still catch me giggling at fart noises, poop jokes and papers sent home from school.

Special Ed Classrooms: The Happiest Place On Earth


  1. And I'm super excited about spending 2011 habitually checking your blog!!

  2. Definitely looking forward to seeing what you come up with in 2011. Happy New Year!

  3. Awesome! I always love to see what craziness you're dreaming up- makes me feel more 'normal' because there are OTHERS out there who "GET" it! LOL!

  4. When you put it all together like that you really do seem crazy.

  5. So, did you ever get the poo stain out of your blanket?

  6. Love it! Happy New Year, hope we get to meet in person in 2011!

  7. I believe you have the best blog out there.....we sure miss you around here though!

  8. #10 is still my favorite. Especially since I was a teacher and I had lots of kids who should have had access to this paper. I love all your posts!

  9. The poo stain still makes me grin. I need to just put that on my desktop to prepare my husband for the baby. :)


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