Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Thanksgiving Table Using Nothing But Paper. Which Means Free.

After doing our white trash Halloween mantel, I'm now a convert to the "let the kids craft/use it for decoration/ when it's over just throw it away rather than storing for next year" way of thinking. It's a win - win - win situation: children stay busy, the house looks festive, and the attic stays clean.

The ingredients: some construction paper, and google images. Have the littles cut them out, trace onto the colored paper, and then free hand the veins.

Line them up, and glue them together (we used hot glue for extra strength),

and you have a table runner.

But every table needs a centerpiece, so when I saw this project with full instructions that nearly killed me from cuteness, I knew we had a winner.

A brown bag,

but instead of filling it with popcorn, we used grocery bags.

(Can you imagine me putting popcorn in that thing and then leaving it unattended on my table? It'd be ripped open faster than green grass through a goose.)

Standard size lunch bags for the drumsticks,

and then some creativity since our turkey needed some parsley/kale/leafy things to rest on. Strips of white computer paper cut with slits to look like fringe,

and we're good to go.

How many do you think we can feed with a 12 pounder?


  1. A-DOR-ABLE! I'm growing fond of your "let the kids decorate and throw it away later" idea... hmmm I could clear out a storage shed full of hoiday decorations

  2. This is so cute, where do you come up with those ideas? You should be in RS.

  3. That turkey is too cool! And so totally simple. Thanks for sharing!

  4. So cute! I might have to do something like this with the boys.

  5. What a great idea. Oh how I miss my little ones! By the way just found your blog, and love the dining room transformation. Where are your curtains from? Something like that may just work in one of my rooms. I know what you mean about too much neutral. I am changing to some neutral tones, but will use pops of color in the accessories. The apricot color looks great. Jackie

  6. And it's "12 lbs". I was imagining my own kids ripping through your turkey just to make sure it was in fact plastic bags inside. So cute!

  7. Haha, I love it! Adorable! If I had kiddos, this would totally be on my to-do list! Okay, maybe I would even do it without kids, but I can only imagine the things my three cats would do to that poor paper turkey...

  8. you just have to throw it away behind their backs, at least I do!

  9. So adorable!!!!!! Hugs from Conroe, texas

  10. That is definitely some serious cuteness! The kids did a fantastic job. It's colourful, inexpensive, disposable and just plain adorable.
    By the way, I LOVE your table!

  11. So cute! I bet the kids had a ball! Those are always the best crafts! Hope you'll link this up:

  12. Wow, looks great! Can I come over for some turkey?

  13. This is so unbelievably cool. Talk about making the most with what you got...


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