Monday, November 29, 2010

Every Baby Jesus Needs A Manger

Yesterday started the annual trickling of Christmas boxes from the attic. Since it was late ( 6pm with children squabbling in a manner that seems to only happen on Sunday nights ), I put limits on what we'd be setting up: the tree and the nativity. That's it.

As we were unpacking all the figures, I began to have flashbacks of how last year the whole scene looked...

...barren and kinda lonely on a table all by itself. So this year we wanted it front and center in the bookcase, but it needed a background. What do you call them? You know - the things like this: For a moment I considered grabbing some wood scraps from the garage to see what I could conjure up, but since I wanted it to look nice rather than something like this we went a different route. Which turned out to be the EASIER route.

Love it when that happens.

The players:

* frame that was already on the shelf with

*a piece of scrapbook cardstock (rather than bright white paper from the printer)and

*vintage sheet music from a google image search. Not exactly a manger, and maybe we'll throw down some raffia of something, but for a 5 minute investment? I'm happy.

Let the holiday season begin.


  1. Awesome! Mine has the same problem - no manger. What an excellent idea.

  2. Stable? Isn't that what they're called? Love the music, so appropriate!

  3. I love your nativity figures! Did you get them recently? Are they made out of wood?

  4. Love what you went with. Reminds me, I can go ahead and put out my nativity. Jackie

  5. Great decorating idea--- never would have thought to google image search for that, but then there's a lot of things I wouldn't have thought of. And I think it's a stable too. The manger holds the hay. Also, what's a creche? Is it another name for the stable part, or does it include the whole nativity? My nativity set is not very pretty so I just don't get excited about putting it out. I mean, I DO, but I just don't like it very much. If I were the kind of person who set money aside to hit the after-Christmas sales, I would get one then.


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