Sunday, October 24, 2010

Reverence Is More Than Just Quietly Sitting

Today was one of those *perfect* mornings.

Everybody was ready to go on time to make it to church by 9am.

There was no "he's squishing me/why does Sierra always get the front seat/change the station because I hate this song" on the drive to the chapel.

We all found seats and once the meeting started, the children were on their best behavior, the youngest two drawing silently.

Oh yes, this is what it's all about.

Looking over at my precious little blessings in their Sunday best, I thought to myself that perhaps I'm doing something right. Even with all my weaknesses and shortcomings as a mother. Even with all that I do - or don't do - maybe they'll turn out just fine anyways.

And then Camden tipped his paper at just the right angle and I caught a glimpse of what he was working on.

The family that picks together, sticks together.


  1. Oh yeah, it's these kinds of stories(and illustrations) that don't make it into the Friend magazine!
    I am laughing so hard I can't see through my tears.

  2. HAHAHA!!!!! Please frame this and put it up in your house!

  3. God humbles you and shows His sense of humor at the same time. Thanks for the preview of what life with a large family will be like!

  4. Where have your children been all my life?!?
    To say this made me "lol" is an understatement.
    Frame it.
    Did I ever show you Whitleys picture titled "Classic Burp?" Black and White sketch of one "someone" puking on another "someone." It's one of her best.

  5. Your kids are super lucky to have you as a mom -- they will always be kind and very humorous... just like you! :)

  6. AHHHHAHAHAHA! I noticed your kids were being really reverent too! I was very impressed (you know, since my child was running loudly in the cultural hall and all, during Elder Matheney's talk--something I didn't want to miss). Love the drawing!

  7. cracked me up! Amazing how our kids keep us humble! We THINK they are awesome and therefore as a mother we are awesome, then BOOM reality!

  8. Greatness, gotta love them!!! They get their creativity from you!!!

  9. Are those EAR boogers coming from "dad"? Just wondering outloud. ;-)

  10. I have come back to this over and over again the past few weeks when I needed a good chuckle. Each time, I notice something today, for instance, I finally noticed "me" was the only one "burger and snot-bubble" free. Good job, me! Way to be different from the "burger-lovers"!
    Seriously, thanks for sharing! I want to adopt your whole family!

  11. I realize you posted this so long ago, but I live life in slo-mo now. Just wanted to say that the FHE glossy cover family is a fabrication. All that matters is what is seen from the shoulders down, don't you get it? Hammering, poking, leg-wrestling, and rope-pulling from one end of the pew to the other is all perfectly legal so long as there is no visible movement above the shoulders visible from the back and the speaker does not chortle out loud, loosing their place in their written remarks.

  12. Oh the memories . . past so long ago. Treasure them, because they'll grow and be gone before you know it.


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