Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yo Mama Never Looked This Good In An Apron {a super sassy bridal shower gift}

I ordered this pattern ages ago and it's been sitting in my closet waiting. Waiting for me to get fabric. And motivation. And a clean dining room table to spread out on.
{photo from The Brassy Apple Shop}
The motivation was the hardest part, since I have only basic sewing skills (read: straight lines) and can't follow directions to save my life, which meant the chance of the finished product resembling the idea in my head was a far shot at best.


I am a sucker for making gifts. There. I said it. And nothing makes me more productive than a deadline.

Nothing I'd ever admit to, at least.

Since I had a Bridal Shower coming up, I threw caution to the wind and figured the worst case scenario was that it would come out horrid and I'd have to get her a gift card instead.

The best part of the project was that I could tweak it to my liking: nix the ruffle on the bottom, use a more classic fabric, leave the bow hanging down.....wait, did I say that was the best part? I take that back.

The best part is where it actually WORKED. Can you believe it Mom? It actually LOOKS like an apron.

(note Roger in the background, who doesn't even bat an eye at the sight of me taking a photo in a smudgy closet mirror. He's a keeper. Especially since he's a sucker for curvy hips. Lucky him.)

With a little leftover black tulle from a failed craft attempt, some Hot Tamales, and a light up lollipop (the Bride-to-be calls her fiance "Pirate Boy"), the whole thing's ready to go.

{photo below stolen from Facebook Bridal Shower photo album - sorry Rita!}

Guess what I'll be making for Christmas gifts this year?


  1. it was SO cute! and thanks for posting this -- reminds me I need to make myself one! :)

  2. I LOVE it. And that fact that you make your gifts. I have a "Flirty Apron" and I use it most every day. I would love to have a couple more aprons to mix it up a bit. That pattern is aDORable! Once again, your post is going in my idea file.

  3. Woot Woo! Glad it turned out so cute! Every woman should have a flirty apron. You did a GREAT job on it!

  4. Very cute! Great job!

    One warning - she probably should not cook with the ribbon hanging down like that, especially if it is over a gas range - it risks catching on fire! Maybe just trip it a bit first!

  5. I meant "trim" it, not "trip" it. Sorry for the typo...

  6. Oh sister that is FAB! YOU might appreciate my "Invisa-wear" line of nighties I make from clear dry-cleaner bags and lace! A scandalous bridal shower gift sure to make them blush!

  7. Yeah!!! It turned out fabulous! and I'm so glad you liked the options and the best part - you could do it! wooHOO!

    Lucky bride and I am sure you got lots of "Ooo's and Ahhh's" at the giver of a great gift!

    thanks for sharing!!!

  8. Jenn -

    Do you leave the "We Love Our Customers" on the bag?? 'Cuz that would be awesome.

    (although the idea of my girl bits smooshed up against clear plastic may cause nausea, not blushing....)

    Send photos. Roger's birthday is coming up and I'm feeling crafty.

  9. Pirate Boy! HAAAAHAHA! I love the apron! You did a pretty dog-gone good job! I think it looks super fab on Rita!

  10. When you get the dry-cleaner bag nighty pattern....send it my way. Awesome. And I love the apron.

  11. That is a super sexy apron. And judging from the smile in her pic, I think she likes it. Awesome job!

  12. That is gorgeous!!! I love the whole empire waist/snazzy, sexy corset thing!!

    OH, and I have been meaning to get back to you for a while. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your kind words and reassurances on my blog entry about a week or so ago! :) It's true; pregnancy can warp your mind sometimes and make you think/expect the worst! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

  13. As a reminder... well not a reminder really, since you had no idea.. so uhm.. as a ... BIG HINT.. I Collect Aprons... Just sayin.

  14. So, you TOTALLY inspired me. After reading this last week, I strutted to the store to buy fabric, collected some friends, and headed up a "Sewing Bee" to make aprons for my girls' teachers for Christmas. I plan to make 9 in all and I am WELL on my way. Instead of the corset, I am monogramming them. SO stinking cute! Mine are sort of reversible, too. Come by my blog in a day or two and look at what I will have posted. (nothing posted just yet, but come by anyway.) Thanks for the inspirations. Your apron is precious!

  15. 1st - I love that apron. Is it really so simple? I am not a sewer but I pretend I am with a machine and everything.

    2nd - re: my valentines wreath, I like your Cupid for Halloween idea. I had told hubby I was either way behind or really ahead of schedule. I went ahead and replaced it anyway. I posted a pic so go back and look now! :)

  16. I posted pics of 2 of my aprons. Stop by and check them out.

    Let me know what you think.

  17. So.... I remember reading this post eons ago, and I loved it and saved the pictures.

    Now Pioneer Trek is coming up, and someone asked my husband if we'd be on the food committee, and now I have to cook for 400+ people for four days. I don't cook; my husband cooks -- that's I married him (mostly joking).

    Anyway, and fortunately, I don't have to wear the blasted skirt and bonnet, but the higher-ups have asked that we wear aprons. If I must wear an apron, I desperately want one with personality. But, alas, the link for the pattern doesn't work anymore.

    Do you have any info on how I can find the pattern?

    1. HAHAHA! This will be awesome!!!

      The name of the pattern is "Kitschy Corset Apron" from Brassy Apple. I did a quick search and found it here:,&ID=1 , but you can probably find it on some other sites too. Happy treking! :)


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