Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nothing Says Love And Commitment More Than A Uke. Except Maybe Uke Lessons.

We just celebrated our 15th anniversary. Fifteen years of bliss. And sometimes not.
San Francisco 1995. I'm unrecognizable with the long hair and the lack of stretch marks.

Fifteen years of marriage that has taught Roger many things, including:

*how to step over my clothes left all over the floor

* how to distance himself from me in public when I get too embarrassing (he picked that one up from the kids)

*how to steal all the blankets and pillows while we sleep so I'm left unsupported and freezing

But the most important thing it's taught him is to not argue with me when I tell him what I want. If he asks, "What should I get you for your birthday?" and I respond with, "A tile saw," he's long past the point of trying to talk me into a diamond ring.

Or maybe he's just long past the point of having to take back all the gifts that - in all fairness - most girls would appreciate.

So this year as our anniversary was approaching, I told him what I wanted. Not in the hinting, beating around the bush kind of way, unless you count sending the link of the item already placed in your Amazon shopping cart indirect. Because I'm not that kind of girl.

You know what kind of girl I am?

I'm a girl that wants a ukulele.

I've always wanted one and now that Liz has one, I'm dying inside.

Guess what showed up on the doorstep? For me? So's like he could READ MY MIND. I love a good surprise, especially when it's accompanied by a tracking number so I can keep tabs on said surprise.

(Get it? TABS. Uke humor.)

Follow-up: It's now two weeks later, and I've been banned to the bedroom for playing since it's got a door. That can be shut. No worries - I've still got one fan in the family.

(Disclaimer: music therapy has proven very beneficial for autism. Although I'm taking liberty with the word "music.")


  1. Awww... two maestros! Bravo and brava!!!
    I think I need one of those.

  2. I love this idea. (totally would NEVER try it myself, but hey) BTW- 8 of the 9 aprons are complete and 9 is one its way. In fact, I may end up with 12 or so. (have no idea why I need so many) My monogram machine messed up today, so they rest may go monogramless. Oh well

  3. Hey, a girl wants what a girl wants! I'd rather get what I want than make my man guess too. He knew EXACTLY how I wanted to be proposed to and he did EXACTLY what I wanted. My man is smart. Like yours! Yet one more little quirk we share. Except the ukelele thing. Not into that- but then, who knows? The urge could strike!?

  4. That's adorable, I really needed a laugh. Maybe I should buy a ukelele so I could get sent to my room alone. :)

  5. Rebecca, you really are the most amazing and talented person! And Brendan must have a singing career awaiting him just around the corner. They need a new show called America's Most Talented Mom.

  6. Oh, and happy belated anniversary!

  7. That was so wonderful, listening to Brendan sing. Thank you so much for coming to sing to me today for my birthday. I loved it.

  8. Because I am about to start my period this made me weep like a crazy woman. Thanks a lot.
    That was precious. And happy anniversary. C and I will 75 by ours but.. thrilled to know I'll get there with him.
    PS your hair is fabulous!!

  9. I think all your uke practice will help improve your crochet skills for when I come down for a visit! Keep it up! =)

  10. Well, I may have Christmas presents well underway, but you have 4 kids (including sweet Brendan) AND play the Uke. You will with cool points.

  11. So I wrote a comment and it didn't post. So sorry if you're getting this twice.

    But I loved the video and loved Brendan's lines that he sung! And from reading Cheryl's post you are making visits and singing to the sisters! HA! That's awesome!

    I'm thinking that we should get a uke for Courtney. She really wants a guitar and guitar lessons. But they're so big on her so I'm thinking maybe a uke would be a good instrument to start with?

    Whenever I hear a uke I think of Hawaii. Though I've never been there that's immediately what I think of: beaches, sand, blue sky, grass shirts, and lays (how do you spell those?). It must be SpongeBob that started that. :P

  12. that.
    next time...give us a little more that a minute...:o)

  13. You guys make a great duo! You and your husband seem to get along well, too :-) Happy anniversary.

  14. I love it! Especially the "tuned" up version;) And you missed a party last night. Charles got married and I went. Fun! There's something to be said about weddings with alcohol. The dancing is always so much better.

  15. Hey, that's not too bad! That's a fun song too, I remember singing that when I was little :) & what Liz doesn't realize is the dancing that happened after she left. Not really sure why I didn't record for me I guess!

  16. A very happy anniversary to you, and thanks for stopping by my blog, Kelley Highway, the other day!

    As a musician and vocalist, I enjoyed the OOkuhlaylay (spelled ukelele!) accompaniment of a star-worthy duet! I agree: Brendan, you did AWESOME! Ain't so bad y'self, Mom!

    Hope your week's going well. Your fam's beautiful.


  17. OK, I am such a mushy sucker right now. I cried through your whole song. Brendan did such a great job singing! He was so funny. I am glad he knows the best parts of the song the best! Totally my kind of guy!

  18. I'm a sensitive kind of girl too...totally have tears in my sweet listening to you two singing! LOVED it! Thanks for and your husband sound so wonderful for each other! I have ALWAYS loved you...and you have always been one to KNOW what you want! Happy Anniversary!

  19. I just got a ukelele for Christmas! (Not even kidding.) You are way ahead of me. Man, I need to practice. I challenged three of my ward's YW to practice theirs and I would ask our bishop if he'd let us play Sweet Hour of Prayer in sacrament meeting. (Knowing him, there is NO WAY he will say yes. Even if (and we will be) AWESOME.

  20. I want one too! And I couldn't think of anything to put in my Amazon wish list so the hubby would know exactly what to surprise me with. How could I have forgotten?

  21. I love your kid. And your uke. Now I want one.


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