Monday, August 16, 2010

The Big 6-1

Although we had an early party while you were here visiting last week Dad, your OFFICIAL day wouldn't be complete without a proper birthday shout out.

My baptism day, 1984

Even though it feels like it was my birthday, after you and Pennie insisted on spending hours turning our corner of shame

into the de-jungled raised bed that it was intended to be. Not easy work, especially in the 513 degree juicy weather we've been having every single day for the past month.

Why are those kids in the photo? They didn't do anything except for fight over who was doing the least amount of work (a four way tie), who got to hold the rake, followed by begging to go inside after they spotted what *might* have been a spider web.

Your endless supply of facts coupled with this boys endless supply of questions was a match made in heaven.

And he's still telling me that "Grandpa said it was okay to ride on the hood of the car."

During your stay you got to see that even though I'm "a mom now," I'm still your child that has a tendency to laugh too loud, care what people think too little, and be all around inappropriate.

In my defense, I think you've got a few others like that. FOUR to be exact.

In any case, I wish you a very:

P.S. You know this post wouldn't be complete without this photo. THE photo. Remember the mayhem that you had "no part in?" Well sir, it looks like you're right in the middle of it. One point for me and my photographic evidence.

(and the embarrassing behavior - for you at least -in question. Which I've posted before. Which in all fairness does cut off with me saying, "Oh no, Dad's coming." Coincidental, I'm sure. And if not, it's all Khristie's fault. As usual.)


  1. Hilarious! I loved how the video cam kept shaking because of your laughter! Awesome.

    Happy birthday to your Dad.

  2. HAAA!!! Again I CAN'T believe I missed out on the video portion! Where the heck was I?! By the way Khristie said she wanted to make a TX trip also, but in the winter-er time when it's not so BLASTED HOT! I should come again when she comes;)

  3. WHen this post came through with the "new" title, I thought we were celebrating a different birthday. Happy Birthday Rebecca's dad!

  4. Hey! I changed the address to my blog. It's no longer but it's now

    Just to let you know!


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