Sunday, June 13, 2010

Like Taking Off A Band-Aid, Vacations Are Best Done Quickly


A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Go Away For The Weekend

(Even Though I'd Rather Use That Money A Billion Other Ways)

1. Clean out vehicle floor, which may or may not have looked like this for at least three months.

2. Load up happy/embarrassed children. 3. Two hours into the 5 hour trip, have the van shut off with no warning. Wait on the highway without AC for 45 minutes until tow truck arrives, enjoying the Texas summer and a very nice highway patrol officer. 4. Hang out at the shop until they figure out the problem, which is a wonderful way to spend your birthday, right Brendan? Good thing he always wanted a new alternator. (Cracker Barrel is within walking distance. Soda refills + unlimited biscuits = not minding the wait for repairs.)

5. Fifteen minutes after leaving the shop, have Service Engine Soon light come on. You know, just to keep up the sense of adventure. Ignore light and continue to drive. 4 hours later (thank you rush hour traffic) arrive in San Antonio and spend the evening swimming.

6. The next morning, swim some more while fearless hubby gets the van fixed again. When he gets back $300 poorer after a new sensor/flux capacitor/1.21 jiggawatts has been installed, head down to the Riverwalk. 7. Take the boat tour, enjoy the culture and history, beautiful art,

and keep Brendan from asking the man next to him to bite his finger while trying to shove his hand in the man's mouth. 47 times.

8. Have lunch at Hard Rock Cafe, and where Jordan & Sierra can get excited about sitting below Rob Thomas' shirt, Camden can get excited about drinking Sierra Mist,

and Brendan can do his pirate impression and point out his belly button.

9. Let Sierra in on my little secret: "the longer I take to wash my hands, the longer Dad has to deal with the boys without me." Reason to smile for sure. 10. Since Jordan studied the Alamo as part of 4th grade Texas history, walk the extra 2 blocks to see it in real life, no matter how much the others want to go back to the hotel to swim. 11. Play card games, laugh, bicker and go to sleep. 12. On the way home, drive by the Capitol building in Austin without stopping because Sierra can't bear "to do one more boring thing." 13. Convince your husband that you can't pass up a sign like this without a photo.


  1. Oh what fun!

    And I am totally digging the hair!

  2. SO happy you are back! I was going through withdrawls I had to ask your mom what was up this weekend. So glad you are back and good.

  3. You are not supposed to look so cute on vacation with five children. Except that since I know you know about #9, it's understandable. Is it wrong to take advantage of #9 all year long? I'm only asking because I want to know if it's wrong as I'm doing it all year. I'm still going to do it, I just want to know if it's wrong. : )

  4. This looks absolutely miserable! Just like a family vacation should be, if you want to still be talking about it 25 years later. We only ever talk about the bad trips we took as kids. I love the picture of you and Sierra hiding out in the lav. Cute mom, cute daughter. :)

  5. New to your blog, and totally LOVE it!
    Love your humor and awesome funny photos :)
    Your new hair do is fabulous! thanks for sharing your life with us :)

  6. I was wondering what the hold up was! Looks like a fun little vacay, minus the extra money spent on the car of course. Glad you all made it back in one piece!

  7. That is quite an adventure. Sounds like you had fun despite the car issues.

  8. That vaca sounds too much like our many trips from Cali to Idaho. Every trip every time, the car broke down. Maybe that is another reason for me to NEVER move back!
    Sierra is growing up!!

  9. Rebecca, I just LOVE your sense of humor! You make it rock even when it's the pits! (No pun intended.) Great pictures and I'm so glad you went to San Antonio because weren't you just in tears over the Alamo and all that happened there? And did you feel like you had been reborn a serious Texan-fer-sher? That car thing has got to be the worst car break-down when I've personally known the break-ee. Like I said, love your ability to laugh about anything!

  10. Only you could make that trip and funny post!! Thanks for reminding us to make lemonade outta lemons!

  11. Funny trip & a memory that you will talk about forever. We had a similar situation when our boys' were younger on our cross country trip to DisneyWorld........but you make the best of it & enjoy the time together!

  12. Wowzers - I think that might do me in . . but you, of course, have a great attitude!

  13. Maybe Brenden confused "pull" my finger for bite my finger. Which is hilarious. Pulling fingers. If it was me I would have bit his finger. 47 times. Or until he farted.

  14. I am so glad that I got to visit your blog today and catch up. You have given me a good laugh with this post and the other one about flowers. I don't know how you do it with that many kids. Kudos to you! Can you tell that I have an only child that is 16 yrs. old and is in Ft. Worth for the next two weeks? :)

  15. Hey! That's my town! LOL. Hope you enjoyed your vacay to SA.

    Just found your blog. :)


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