Thursday, May 20, 2010

If You Have Any Poo, Fling It Now

I haven't been to Target in awhile (we're not on speaking terms since they sold out of my beloved flamingos), so naturally when I saw all of their summer plastic plates/cups/other crap they've just put out, I had to stop and take a look.

Hidden among all the non-essentials were these guys.

Little tiny Tupperware like bowls. And since I'm a sucker for anything that's 1.) miniature sized or 2.) stripe-y, they came home with me.

Especially since they were 3.) under a dollar. 99 cents to be exact. Which, in my book, is practically free.

I'm filling them up with candy and giving them to the ladies I visit once a month from church, but it's also that time of year where you could use them for little thank you's for those teachers/bus drivers/probation officers that have helped your kiddos through another school year.

As usual, more leftover Christmas ribbon gets busted out, because everything looks better with polka-dots. and, of course, a little bling.

Haven't you always wanted a monkey?


  1. I was hoping for a pic of the "poo flingin' day at the jungle" shirt! Very cute, not as cute as the shirt, but that monkey is a VERY close second.

  2. Filed away for future use.

    BTW, I just used one of your old ideas for a teacher birthday gift. I couldn't find the actual post so I went from memory, but you had scrapbook paper cut out in the shape of her last initial, mounted and framed. Remember? It turned out. It actually did. I was SOOO pleased with myself. Thanks:)

  3. cute idea... just an fyi.. Chases foot limping and hurting comes and goes as well, its not all the time.

  4. totally cute as usual! but someting i could totally do with little or no effort, b/c i wouldn't add the ribbon out of laziness. but the monkey is classic! sarah would LOVE that!

  5. Very cute! I love miniture things too. Might need to make a trip to Target soon.

  6. Love the Madagascar and Bare Naked Ladies references!

    That's a great deal! Might have to make a Target run tomorrow!

  7. So Fresno Target's apparently don't share the love like Texas Target's. I searched high & low for the flamingo's, and all I found was a couple of the bigger ones for $2.50 which I was not having. I just went yesterday & did not see these tupperware bowls either, what the heck?! I too love the BNL quote :)

  8. Rebecca, I just wanted to say that I love seeing all the projects you've done on your home. Thanks for sharing!

    I've given you an award on my blog:


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