Friday, April 30, 2010

Three Things. Maybe Four. No, Three's Definitely Enough.

1. Facebook rocks, y'all. My friend Brett that I knew in high school saw my flamingo find and then emailed me the most AWESOME. PHOTO. EVER.
The story:
"Maybe 2 years ago I was walking in my neighborhood, a way I always went, and suddenly I noticed that a neighbor's lawn was completely overrun with plastic flamingos! I later found out that there was a spate of such "attacks" all over the neighborhood, they would be there for a week or so, and then be moved to another lawn. I don't know if they ever found out who was doing it, but it made me laugh."

Not only did she appreciate the beauty that is yard vandalism, but she took a photo.

Speaking of photos, Brett, look what I found as a token of my appreciation. Sober Grad '94. You looking cute as always (far left) and me being mature - um, as always - with my finger up my nose.

2. We just got our unclaimed property checks from the State of California. The money that we claimed LAST YEAR. I say checks as in plural, since they split up the amount and divided it equally, so Roger and I both got one. We agreed that since we didn't expect the money that we were allowed to spend it on whatever we wanted. Guilt free. No explanations necessary.

Roger has already got himself a bike. Fast mover, that one.

My first thought was a new backsplash, but he's challenged me to spend it on myself and not crap for the house. Same difference in my book, but does anybody have a suggestion? I've got no ideas. Nada. Zilch.

3. Last weekend I finally finished painting what felt like the whole house. Along with all the downstairs rooms, the new color also went up the stairway and onto the ceiling. I even got to bust out my ghetto fabulous brush taped to a roller extender stick thing to cut in the corners and guess what I noticed when I got it out of the garage?

(who you be calling white trash?)

See those paint splotches on the stick? Leftover from painting our basement in Utah.

And wouldn't you's almost an EXACT MATCH of my "new" color.

So it would seem that 'Toasted Marshmallow' is also known as Laura Ashley's 'Sand 3' and has graced the walls in two of our previous houses.

Pathetic. Although I'll just call it consistent.


  1. Aw! The picture from grad night when you sang the theme song to Three's Company with my cousins and Jesse. That was fun. It was sober grad night, which apparently I took a little too literally because I passed out from dehydration the next evening at work!

  2. Does the white trash reach up to a good 18'? I'm thinking of painting over the green. That or I don't know what to do, we've been here almost 2 years! I'm going stir crazy.

  3. It also is an extremely close match to "walnut wash" which I have had in my last 3 homes. Only I didn't pick it out in any of them, the builder did. Does that mean that I buy houses strictly for the paint color I like just so I don't have to paint myself? Probably. And the pink flamingos? Here in the midwest there is a high school group that flamingo's peoples lawns and they place a big sign that says that they donated to support their club. Only they collect the donation after they've done the flamingo-ing. Pretty sneaky collecting from those that feel obligated. But it's awesome all the same.

  4. I love facebook, too. As for what to spend the bonus cash on...hmm....I would want to buy house stuff as well. If not, I would go clothes/accessories, which if I remember right you aren't that into. Or I would eat out for lunch 15 times. I hate eating lunch at home. PB&Js and leftovers...ugh. Oohh! Or books! I'd buy a bunch of books. Yep.

    That picture is so funny. I think I recognize everyone in it, just can't *quite* remember their names. Good times, Sober Grad.

  5. Consistent is a great way to describe it ;)

    Whenever I get truly extra money, I always feel obligated to use it as wisely as possible. I'd cruise around ebay and see what kind of fun costume jewelry I can pick up for cheap, or take it to the thrift store or garage sales. Or I'd get a few pedicures.

  6. Okay, that was funny! Your paintbrush 'stick' looks like something my husband would think up:)


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