Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Here's The Secret. Even Though It Isn't Much Of A Secret At All...

...but since the emails keep coming, here's what I do when it comes to something I treasure as much as Sunday afternoon naps: kids artwork.

(and I seem to be hoarding it more than ever, since I've realized that the older the children get, the less of it they bring home.)

There are two different ways that of framing it up, at least in this house.

Numero uno:

premade frames with mattes.

When you see a nice frame marked down 90%, for heaven's sake get it. Especially if you don't love the art inside. That way no feelings get hurt when you rip it out

leaving the matte where it is, and filling up the "hole" with something special.

Nothing melts my heart faster than phonetic spelling.

Second Way:

No Matte/Making Your Own Background

If I haven't gotten lucky (ahem), I've been known to take one of the plethora of collage frames I'm no longer using, remove the matte with the openings, and spray paint the paper that comes with it black, making it a solid background to tape on a masterpiece. Can't even tell right? 'Specially through all the dust.

When something is too big/tall/long for a regular frame, you have to go up in size to one of these bad boys. Walmart clearance price: $3. Since I was at the store already, I got a piece of 50 cent posterboard, used the paper as a template, and cut it to fit.

(tip: Trace over letters if the handwriting is in pencil so that it shows up better. Who would want to miss the curly-ques on those G's?)

Voila - you're done. Sweet and simple.

No custom matte cutting. No expensive framing. And no more than 5 minutes.

Get other How-To's here:


  1. Love it! This is on my to do list...maybe someday! Oh wait...5 minutes? Maybe sooner than later!

  2. AWESOME!! I'm marking this post as a favorite so I can come back to it.

  3. Good idea! One question...where did you get that cute "give us this day our daily bread" art in the picture above? It is in a bread shape -- love!

  4. I'm going to start hoarding cheap frames :)

  5. Cute! I'm such a bad Mama- I don't keep their stuff. Maybe this idea works for me, I can repent of my non-artwork hording ways.

  6. I cannot wait until my girls bring stuff home from school!!!

  7. Again, you've done it again. Thanks!!!!

  8. i thought i would leave a comment, i read your blog often, but rarely comment. I am sure you prefer it that way.
    I have the perfect space for kids and their artwork, can I just jump you here and you can giddy me up and get er done?
    Love the ideas, where is the kick in the pants to get going!

  9. I have some of my sons artwork hung in our hallway and it makes me happy to walk by it everyday.

  10. I absolutely LOVE this idea! And I totally agree with you about how the influx of cute, sweet, cherished artwork diminishes as they get older...sigh. Thanks for sharing your framing tips--now I'm on the lookout for great frames at low prices!

  11. I love framed art from the kids - I really need to dig through my pile and use some of your tips!

  12. Very cool! I am in the process of collecting frames for this exact thing! Great tips!


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