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And So It Continues: House #3

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HOUSE #3: May 2005 - August 2006

We were ready for a change. Roger jumped at the chance to relocate and we gave ourselves a bit of wiggle room with the timing, knowing we had to sell our house before we could move. I put up a For Sale By Owner sign and we crossed our fingers.

Three days later, we were in escrow. Not long after that my husband took a weekend trip, and with the help of my sister and brother-in-law who had just moved there themselves, found a house and placed an offer. Okay, actually four total on three different houses....that rockin' market wasn't such a blessing when we were the BUYERS looking - begging- for somebody to please accept our (full price) offers. A few hours before he boarded the plane to come home, we finally had a taker, and a month later we were moved to beautiful, sunny Mesa, AZ, where the wind comes sweeping down the plains.

Okay, maybe not, but it was the first place I've experienced anything above 115 degrees.

Days like that are better known as "July through September."

(Taken 15 minutes from our house)
It was the first - but certainly not the last - time we bought a house without me stepping foot inside. We walled up half of the "formal" area and put in french doors so that we could have an office instead of a dining room that would never be used. Seriously-enough with the oak cabinets already. Cannot. Seem. To. Escape. It's all fun and games until those tall windows actually have to be cleaned. Luckily, I have a mother that likes to do projects when she visits. And isn't afraid of heights.
Hey look - more oak. And a little "pop of color" with the mini blinds. Because nothing says sanctuary like green vinyl.
(look familiar, Allison?)
I wish I could say that this story ended well. And it did. Just not in the way I had imagined.

My husband took an opportunity to be an operating partner in a franchise, which would be a pay cut in the short term, but had great potential long term.

Anybody whose dealt with this before knows where this story is going. Quickly.

Months later it was quite clear that potential doesn't buy groceries.

After much discussion, tears (me), name calling and blame (me again), anger at God (oops-that's me too), and prayer we decided that our big ol' honkin mortgage payment was too much. Waaay too much.

On our one year anniversary of moving in, we were signing the papers to put our house on the market. A market that had TANKED. We priced the house well below appraisal and prayed for a speedy sale. It would be three long miserable weeks until anybody even came through. When we finally did sell it was for 50,000 below, and the buyers wanted the house "as is" meaning a ton of our furniture would be staying.

If that wasn't enough to make me want to jump off of a cliff, my husband had found a great job. In another state. A state that I never ever ever wanted to live in. And worst of all, when we prayed about it, I knew the answer: we had to go. I could kick and scream all I wanted, but it wouldn't change a thing.

I hate it when that happens.


  1. Awh man! I can totally see why they wanted it 'as is'- you did a phenomenal job on the house. Sorry you took a hit though. Ouch. Still, without your great decorating, that house might STILL be on the market!

  2. I grew up in Mesa and I LOVE it there! I miss it every day... esspecially when it is another rainy day here in the Bay Area (CA). You did a gorgeous job on the house! I am so glad you did not give into the southwestern-gone-mad theme that soooo many Zonies seem to prefer!

  3. You. are. amazing! Every one of your personalize, and make them so much better! Want to come visit me in Utah...I'd let you work your magic! I'd even just take your suggestions, then I'd do the "work"! Utah is great this time of year...we get all 4 seasons in one day! Really though, I'm loving the series! You inspire me!

  4. These new construction houses always look so cold and uninviting, but you managed to make it look personal and warm, a place where humans live. I can't believe that you got so much accomplished in one year. Well, I believe it, I just am amazed as usual.

    Oh-ho-ho-ho!!! U-TAH! U-TAH! U-TAH! :) <--- (Me smiling as I imagine you gearing up to live here)

  5. Beautiful job on your pictures!!

    I love the last one where your little one is in his onesie-so. so. cute.

    And I LOVE that you paint your oak cabinets. Go YOU!!!

  6. How fun! And yes, that "Our Family" sign still looks great after so many years! I love that thing! I just wish I had your talent and knack for color and design. Girl, you've got something going for you! You need your own HGTV show. And I would be your number one fan.

    You should have a youtube channel. Seriously.

  7. I cannot believe how fast you work - you are awesome!

  8. You truly have a gift! I can't wait to see what happened next. You're so down to earth and genuine. I could see being great friends with you :) Keep the pictures (and stories) coming...


  9. You did all that work in one year? Amazing. I love the colors you used in that house. I kept looking at the before photo of the kitchen. ICK with a capital I! They used a wall paper border on the sofets, is what I finally figured out after comparing your before and after a bunch of times. (And I only know the word sofet because of you. I don't think they make them in NY. ha)

  10. love your house series, it is amazing to see how you change your houses and they are beautiful- it is inspiring!

    i love the frame or display below- OUR FAMILY... how did you do that? I would love some directions!

  11. You are astounding! Each one of your customize, and improve them to such an extent! Need to come visit me in Ottawa...I'd given you a chance to work your enchantment! I'd even recently take your proposals, then I'd do the "work"! Ottawa is awesome this season of year...we get each of the 4 seasons in one day! Truly however, I'm cherishing the arrangement! You move me! mortgage rates ottawa


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