Thursday, January 7, 2010

Quick Recap

It's been so....refreshing to get back to normal. Between the kids being home for two weeks, me working and all the holiday hoopla (although it seemed to leave as quickly as it came this year), I got absolutely nothing done.

Okay, almost nothing. Nothing that I had PLANNED on doing, at least. I did get to put to use a rotary cutter that's sat in it's brand new wrapper for years. It's my solution for Hayden's Christmas list request of a "blanket that's soft and has doggies on it." I know alot of people that just love to sew, but honestly? I hated every minute of making this stupid thing. The only fun part was picking out the fabric and wrappping it up when it was done. Sewing is so not relaxing. Sorry Mom.

(I take that back. Hayden adores his new "B" and sleeps with it every night, so I guess I can't be all that grumpy about it.)

(Nope. I still am.)

We had a little festivus miracle with the flakes that started falling Christmas Eve, and by morning had left us with this. DFW's first white Christmas in 80 years. Just enough to make snowballs and then melt by afternoon. That's what I call perfect snow.

Santa did a perfect job this year too. He opted for a group gift that must have had the kids excited - have you EVER seen them sit this perfectly for a photo? Maybe we should always try to take portraits straight out of bed and at the butt crack of dawn.

Lucky for me, people being home for the holidays means lots of Craigslist treasures being posted. How could I say no to this face?

Jordan decided that since it was a new year, he wanted to start it off by getting up in church and bearing his testimony. I set my endeavors a bit less....public. (One of my) Resolutions is to make sure that this side of the closet is the standard for the way that this side of the closet should be looking. I won't name names, but somebody around here can be kinda messy. Let's see what we can do with that in 2010.


  1. Lots going on! Your kids will remember that White Christmas their whole lives. How cool is that? And I agree that snow that melts away before the end of the day IS perfect snow!

  2. I want to know what you daughter was about to say at the end of the video and whether the kids got a play station 3 or if Santa had to get the Wi version of Rock Band?

  3. Loren and I were wondering the same thing Melissa did! Did you have to get the Wii version? Or did you get a PS3?

  4. WHAT THE CRAP!?!?!? This is waaaaay too weird! For 2 reasons:

    1) I've been watching "Hoarders" on A&E, so of course I now have to purge my closets to keep my pack-rat gene in check. I got rid of some fabric but kept all the Christmas ones to make a giant quilt. Guess which pattern I'm doing! Thanks right: 4.5 inch squares. 750 of them. I only have 6 rows of 25 put together so far, only 24 more to go. Why are we doing the same thing at the same time in 2 separate states?! Freaky!

    2) I heard Sierra at the end of the video & she DOES sound just like me! Before it got cut off.

    BTW, you should have just had her make the blanket. Doesn't she love to sew now?
    I totally need to come visit!

  5. Calm down ladies - we were teasing them! I know. Hard to believe. Do you notice that none of them even bat an eye at our attempts? I'm all about building strong kids ;)

    I had told Sierra months before that her parents would never get Rock Band because it was too expensive. Of course she came back with the whole, "If you bought it for ALL of us you'd actually be saving money." So this was her big chance to say, "Did i not tell you that EVERYBODY would be happy if we got this game?"

  6. Definately the 'perfect snow.'

  7. Yep! Definately Khristie's TWIN... you only have to hear her voice, be around her for a couple of minutes to know that they are related.

    Love Jordan's Photo... VERY proud of him. Can't wait to see the finished product on the Table. It's a good thing that Roger is willing to set a good example with his shoes! I have the same problem... as long as my shoes are in the same vacinity of each other, I'm good to go, but Manuel has to have them all neatly placed like Roger.... I'm THINKING that there MAY be another Closet in need of a Make-Over?



  8. We had snow flurries too. Which was just enough. And our kids got a Wii as a group gift- giving me the ability to blog more- it was a gift for EVERYONE. ;)

  9. AND she quilts...?
    p.s...thos doc martin-lookin' mary janes, in the top left corner...can i have those when you are done with them...:o)

  10. We are in the DFW area too. That snow on Christmas Eve was INSANE! It was so cute to watch our doggy play in it!


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