Sunday, January 3, 2010

Almost There

One more day.

One more day of break and our family can get back into our daily groove. Our dull, boring (how many times have I heard that word in the last two weeks?) routine that, while not particularly exciting, is oh so comforting. Especially the part when I close the front door as the last child leaves for school.

My dreams of being productive turned out to be mostly that: dreams. One thing checked off my list, but that's about it.

Wanna know something really bad? I actually enjoyed not having to think about blogging for two weeks. For shame! How strange, since I never actually realized that I did think about it. I've been mulling over just stopping altogether, but I'm not sure that's the answer either. So I'm thinking that maybe going forward that I might turn off the comment option. I was going to do that in the beginning, but thought that it might seem rude or arrogant or like I don't care. But really? The more I realize that there are people out there who read this stuff, it makes me feel pressured. Pressure to be insightful or interesting or entertaining....all things that I am not. But to empty my brain and push publish without any feedback? Heaven.

Can you tell I've been in a funk? Sheesh.

I did lift my spirits yesterday by selling some things on Craiglist. It's not the selling part I like as much as having money that I can use to buy something besides groceries, or new pants for boys that have been showing more and more ankle in the last few weeks. I took that money and bought something

1. I don't need.

2. Don't have a use for and, worst of all,

3. A bit tacky.

Who am I kidding? That's the best part. Not only that, but Roger said he'd be mad at me if I didn't get it.

Oh how I love that man.


  1. Turn it off. I feel the same way! I know exactly what you mean. I always feel pressured to LEAVE a comment. I didn't on this one. I love to harass you. THAT will never change. And I do have your e-mail.
    And get your hormones tested. For real. You'd be shocked. I was.

  2. I'd turn off the comments too! Maybe you could try that for a few weeks and see how you like it and if not, turn it back on. Regardless, I love your blog!

    By the way, Sierra's hair looked adorable today! I loved it!

  3. God bless ya girl! i have been feeling the same way...dont feel bad! just do what u need to do...

  4. I know you said you didn't necessarily want feedback, and yet I'm leaving some. Please don't leave us hanging. Please tell us what useless, tacky and wonderful thing you bought.!

    Oh, and I am SO ready to get back to the normal routine!!!

  5. I'm ready for the back to normal routine, too. I have accomplished absolutely nothing during this vacation.

    As far as comments go, I agree with Allison--turn it off and see how it goes. And I'm also dying to know what you bought.

  6. Can't wait to clean up from Christmas [finally doing it today!] so I can borrow your brain. Just thought I would sneek that comment in before you turn them off.

    Your P fan!


  7. Turn off the comments, but do not stop posting. I miss you, and this is the only way I get to hear you smart sassy comments about life.

  8. I say turn them off if you have to. I just found you so I would be sad if you left but only you know what is best. Good luck with your decision.

  9. Whatd ya get????

  10. OMG that is sooo freaking COOL!!! I want one too!!

  11. OK, how the heck will I harass you if you turn off comments?? Or tell you how much I love you??

  12. Please please please don't stop blogging. Yours is one of my very favorites. If I'm laughing out loud at the computer Paris will chime in from the other room, "Older and Wisor?"

  13. I'm commenting again just to say your comment on my blog has me in hystrics!

    Yeah, stripper pole? Umm...none one wants to see that. Trust me! ;)

  14. Oh don't turn off your comments, I love commenting. It's so much fun to get comments especially when people agree with you! I think that phone box above is so cool! Don't you secretly love the attention?

    I really enjoy your blog and hope you don't feel too pressurised, you should blog as some sort of creative outlet, because you enjoy it, not because you feel you should - it's not homework! Blog for yourself and no one else!

    I wish you lots of inspiration this year and very little pressure!


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