Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Some Spooky Inspiration

After listening all weekend to my kids complain about what a mean mom I am for not buying costumes this year ($20 a piece x 5 children = so not gonna happen), I told them to get creative. You know: what would Adam do? via videosift.com
P.S I have no idea how to make this box smaller.

P.P.S. And why exactly is this is considered "vintage" SNL? I remember watching this live.

Now that's spooky.


  1. I'm sure they'll come up with some good stuff. I was a toilet paper roll one year as a teen. Easiest costume ever. I just used one of those eggcrate foam pads and wrapped it around me then had someone else wrap the foam with TP. Can't beat a free costume.

  2. My son had a school function a couple of weeks ago. And you know at the last minute he said he needed a costume. With less than an hour, we made him a dracula-esque costume. White dress shirt, jeans (dracula was dressing down) and a piece of black fabric for the cap. We used a cut-up manilla folder to hold up the collar. When we came home my son gave dad the cape and said we could use it again for something else. Smart kid.

  3. Funny you posted this because the #1 search on yahoo! right now is homemade Halloween costumes. Tell the kids to do some Google research. Or wear an orange shirt & go as Adam Sandler.

  4. What happened to Crazy Pickle Arm Man? That must have been the 2nd sketch. Hmmmm, that gives me some ideas for next years Girls Camp skits . . . .

    And I love how Kevin is starting to loose it! =)


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