Friday, October 2, 2009

Flashback Friday

Also Known As

*How To Dress Your Nest When You're 21*

Roger and I had been married for 9 months when we decided to try to get pregnant. Although the doctor said it would probably take months, 3 weeks later we had a positive pee stick. Um - okay. I had been working at a bank, but with this news, I knew that my days were numbered. As soon as the baby was born, I would be staying home, which meant not only a big change for me, but also a big change in our monthly income.

A few months before the baby was born (we had no idea that it was a she), the house talk began. It was something that I didn't think we could afford, at least not after I stopped getting a paycheck, but Roger was persistent. He went ahead and crunched all the numbers with my grandma, who was a realtor, and came back with the news: the mortgage would only be $200 more than our current rent. So in January of 1997, 3 weeks before Sierra made her appearance, we moved into our first house. And no, unloading a moving truck 9 months pregnant will not cause you to go into labor. Unfortunately.

We were in heaven. A 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1428 square foot home that felt like a mansion coming from an apartment....what would we do with all that space?? As it turned out - the usual. Even though back then I didn't know what usual was.

I painted this yuck red brick fireplace white the night before I went into labor. A year later I would lose a fingernail when Roger drilled through it while building this mantel. Note to self: no DIY involving power tools after 1 am. Or your husband. If there was ever a tornado, that "window" I made out of mirror tiles would've been the last thing standing. It and the 3 tubes of liquid nails that attached it to the wall. You can tell that Brendan was still a baby when this photo was taken: we still have fish. Alive. Me and the color red have always been BFF's. For anyone who has ever asked how it's possible to get projects done with small children in the house, here's my answer: I don't know any other way.

18 month old Sierra crying because she wants to help. And no, I don't paint the inside of cabinets. I mean - I didn't BACK THEN. I do now. Occasionally. I went to town with some foam stamps and enjoyed the girly room while it lasted, which, as all the brothers began showing up, wasn't long. Too bad I don't have a close-up of the "valance" it still called that if it's made out of foam core?Here was our biggest undertaking. Until we knocked a wall down 5 years later. Covering up a shiny white tile floor

with laminate. And while we were at it, ripped out all this tile garbage (note the dark gray grout that I never finished painting under the window. See, I've always been a cheater.) Replaced the tile back splash with solid surface and drywall.

The bar stools are at the counter instead of out in the garage. Another sign that Brendan was too small to get into any climbing trouble.

Not that he ever did.We loved this house, and it killed me to leave it after being there for over 6 years. But somehow, 4 children later, what was once a mansion had turned into cramped quarters, to put it mildly. How does that happen?


  1. What did you use to paint your brick? I'm thinking of undertaking a similar task. . .

  2. Good grief your first home actually looks stylish...while mine was something of a 'early parents attic' motif. Since you're a red girl, you'd have LOVED our red shag carpet next to the adorable cinderblock walls and dark panelling of our first 'married housing' apartment on campus. Yowsa.

  3. blah, blah I wan to see the new bed!

  4. I remember all these projects... and the finger that got drilled! How fun!... by the way we are looking for Roger's Birthday Update!



  5. I think it is so fun to look back at our old homes and I always wish I had enjoyed it more - instead of waiting for the next thing. But . . . that's a whole nother problem with me that we don't need to get into here. Loved you post!

  6. I have to agree that your first home looks awesome. But what you do these days in your home now just blows me away! Still in our first home (almost 7 years now!) and it still is in progress. It's never ends! Can't wait to graduate so that we can buy our dream home and dress it up like real adults. Can you call it a dream home if it's a fixer upper we are looking for?

  7. Ah, those were the days. When Sierra and Jared were betrothed, when I was your faithful VT but really you taught me much more, like to never decorate with oak frames and how to serve chips and dip in a plastic dump truck. Good times!!!

  8. We bought a house exactly one year ago and the *entire* house has white tile, the large square ones. At first I thought it would be okay with lots of area rugs and would be a breeze compared to carpet and the stains that happen with five kids. I HATE IT! I spend my entire life sweeping and mopping. I. want. laminate. Do you place laminate OVER your tile or remove it all? I need details. Hubby says it is too hard and doesn't want to tear the tile up because I guess it's more expensive than the laminate so why waste it. I need some ammunition :)


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