Thursday, October 8, 2009

Can't Fight It

Have you ever fallen in love with something? Or thought that you were in love?

I remember awhile back I bought a shirt. I saw it hanging in the store, and although it wasn't something that I would normally choose, I was looking for something different. My wardrobe consists of basically three or four styles repeated over and over. Variations on a theme, I like to say. So childish. So rigid. Not any more. This shirt would be a symbol of me trying something new, breaking out of the box and stepping out of my comfort zone. The color was good. It fit perfectly. It was a no brainer.

I took it home, head held high in celebration of my style rut liberation, but somehow every time I wore it, I just wasn't comfortable. It's like I was wearing somebody else's shirt, not my own. Eventually, it got pushed back to the corner of the closet until I could finally admit defeat. I wanted to love it. I tried to love it. But as much as I liked it, never in a million years could that like blossom into love. It just wasn't me.

When we sold our home in Arizona, part of the offer was that the buyers wanted the house "exactly" the way was. Which, translated, means that a bunch of our furniture would stay, one of those pieces being our king size bed. It ended up working out better in the long run, since there's no way it would've fit in our new itty bitty bedroom. Not only that, but I had a chance to do something a little different and get this upholstered headboard that I loved.

Or at least I wanted to love.

But, just like the shirt, it just never felt quite right.

I tried slip covering it. Changing the color of the walls. Hanging different things above it in a last ditch effort to redeem myself. In the end, it didn't matter what I did, because it just wasn't me.

Fast forward to this house, 3 years later, and I couldn't take it any more. It was time to let go. And start my period. Only notable because, as my family can bear testimony to, everything is unbearable to me come the middle of the month. I made the bed, took a photo, and listed it online. 24 hours later it was gone.

We did without for awhile until I found a bed that spoke to me. Spoke to me AND something my husband would agree to. Two things that rarely happen at the same time. The planets must have all been aligned on this particular day, because I found this beauty for only $25 more than I had sold the headboard for. Nothing that my man loves more than good ol' mission style.

Except for bacon.

Too bad you can't hear the angels singing in this photo, because they totally are. I smile every time I walk into our room. Especially when I don't trip over somebody's shoes that were left on the floor.

Guilty as charged.


  1. it's lovely! the wood is beautiful. i've never really gotten the upholstered-headboard thing, especially in a light color- it would seem very easy to soil and very hard to clean!

  2. Mmm...bacon.

    You are so funny, Rebecca. Seriously, how could you make such a ho-hum event (for some, for SOME!) so hilarious?

  3. Well it's about time! I like it. How do ya like the foot board? Didn't you used to have a bed like that in your first house, or am I thinking of something else?

  4. the headboard is nice - congrats to you on your fabulous find.

    but i want to know about the pillows! how do you get them to stack so nicely? i've tried to make my pillows look nice like yours, but never have succeeded. are they extra fluffy? are those the actual pillows you sleep on or are they just decorative?

  5. There's nothing like getting a good deal on something that feels completely and perfectly "YOU." :)

  6. The bacon comment totally made me laugh - and it's true.

  7. The bacon comment totally made me laugh - and it's true.

  8. I love the new bed - and I know what you mean re the bacon!

    I've given you an award over at my blog, because I think your blog is great :) Keep up the good work, it's great to laugh - thanks for keeping me amused!

  9. You have the BEST style. Don't you want to come and redecorate MY house?

  10. I love the new bed, it is just wonderful, thank you so much for sharing yur creativity...I am a new follower of yours, come visit

  11. I love to read your blogs. you are a natural writer! very talented! THis is from Aunt Darlene-I guess Holly is signed in...

  12. Its too bad you couldn't love it but finding a new one for $25 more was a boon!

  13. Nice find! I, too, have a few of those shirts and a piece of furniture (or two) like that. Everytime I see your blog, I wonder how you keep your house so clean! What are your organization secrets?!?


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