Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Big 4-0

Who would've known that this little guy would ever make it this long? Not that 40 years is along time, dear. It's just......o l d.

But do you know what never gets old?

You telling me over and over that you don't care if I'm taller than you. And this photo of you and Bobby in a fake make-out pose on his wedding day. Looking at this makes me laugh every. single. time.

I never tire of you taking me out to ice cream to cheer me up. Even if it means I have to buy bigger jeans.
I love that you don't take yourself too seriously,
and let me make fun of you, because you know it's my love language.
I never get sick of all the back rubs, foot rubs, head rubs....mmmm. I don't even have to ask.
Thank you for being such a great dad, a great cook, and a great best friend.
Happy Birthday.

Old man.


  1. Happy Birthday! Love the grape soda picture. Too funny.

  2. I believe it is YOU who should have a career at Halmark.

  3. Happy Birthday Roger! Really the BIG 40??? That's crazy! Hope it was a great time. You know that we love you.

    Mom and Manuel

  4. I almost cried. Does that make me pathetic or happy because I can relate...

  5. Rebecca you're hilarious! Happy Birthday Roger!

  6. Happy Birthday Roger, Way to GO, BIG 40

  7. he is adorable! happy birthday!

  8. ROFL! This was such a cute post, happy belated :)


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