Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eagle Eyes

When Brendan gets off the bus every afternoon, it's a sure bet that within minutes he'll be out back in the (locked) yard.

He paces back and forth, talking to himself about what he did at school (or at least what he ate for lunch), and then he'll take up his daily patrol, looking out for birds, squirrels, lizards, frogs and any other wildlife that may have decided to end it's life wander onto Wisor land. Today it was this:

By the time I went outside to check it out, after hearing him say, "You see a snake!" a hundred times, it was....well - "limp." Su-spic-ious. Dead or alive, it's just as song-worthy.

Sideways? Even better.


  1. Dear Brendan!

    He's a cook, designer, poet, artist, dancer and now a composer and singer! What a very talented young man! We love you Brendan!

    Love, Grandma

  2. Love it! Sooooo glad I don't have boys. That "snake" would have me running around the house like some kind of crazy woman.

  3. Yuck! I am not a fan of things creepy, crawly, or slimy. Snakes and turtles can give you salmonella and spiders bite. Ew! However I LOVE the song, thanks for sharing!

  4. i'm gonna have that song stuck in my head all day...!

  5. Awesome. Rocked my socks. And where is the unfortunate muse? Sharing bedspace with Brendan, perhaps? I love boys.

  6. Are you sure that was a snake? It looked like a large worm to me.


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