Thursday, August 13, 2009

Va-cay Installment Numero Tres

It was inevitable that one day would be spent tackling this monstrosity
which would require strength, stamina and nerves of steel.

And that would be just to find a parking spot.

So we decided to have a few relaxing days in between the action so that we could continue to feel the love rather than the need to take a vacation from vacation. Or, at the very least, delay those feelings...

Nothing could be more relaxing than shopping (here's Manuel getting his Redskin fix)

unless, of course, it's eating. Bonus points for reliving old dating memories. Back when I had longer hair, perkier bosoms and a different name, I used to come in just to flirt with the cute manager,
who must have been closing his eyes in shame. That's right - SHAME. Only a shameful, shameful man would go and make out with another girl the night after a fabulous first date with an amazing girl who would later bear his five children.

But that's a different story.

After living in deserts for so long, one of the things I love about being here in Texas is all the green. But this trip reminded me what green really looks like...

the kind of green you have to hack away just to be able to put in a park.
Grandma and her "photo behind the photo" shots. The kids also got to experience the joy that is mini-golf, while I enjoyed the joy that is other people helping my kids play mini-golf so I don't have to. Hayden got some formal training
while Sierra, in true adolescent fashion, declared herself too cool for school playing and instead assumed the role of baby watcher which she loves doing anyway. Can't blame her really - who wouldn't love this scrumptiousness?Brendan was more interested in taming the wild animals as was his father. And I managed to catch a three wild ones of my own...


  1. Fun. And hilarious.
    Please come take me away.

  2. I grew up in Massachusetts, and I miss the green too! You have to dive up the canyon here to even get close.
    So beautiful!

  3. Just a little up & to the right Roger...there ya go :)

  4. I enjoy the green here in Ohio but not the rain that comes with it.

  5. That drinking fountain brings me back to our childhood trips to the Fresno Zoo. I remember a hippo drinking fountain there!
    Glad you could all get away on a family vacation & everyone lived to tell about it! =)

  6. Sierra!... Come on my kids are ever cuter! Especially that little boy. I'll ship him on over.

  7. Looks like you made some good catches! What a fun trip.

  8. Wow~ what a hoot you are! I love the bit about the hubby with his date after you. WHAT WAS HE THINKING??? lol, totally cracked me up! Thanks for reading my blog, and leaving a comment so I could have the pleasure of enjoying yours! Mark my words, sister, I will be back for more. Portion control was never a strong point for me...


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