Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Consistency: {kuhn-sis-tuhn-see}

1. A degree of density, firmness, viscosity, etc.: The liquid has the consistency of cream.


2. Steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, form, etc.: There is consistency in his pattern of behavior.

Yep, that's it. As Prince John would say, "That's me to a tee....it really is...."

Exhibit A. Anybody recognize this?

Fall 1998. One of the photos I found of our very first house (oh yeah - a whole stack 'em). That means I was 22, had an 20 month old Sierra and baby Brendan would've been about 4 months .....and what was the latest project I had spent my "extra" time doing? Okay nursing, but aside from that? Smoothing out the bottom half of the dining room walls with joint compound, followed by sanding, sanding and sanding some more to make sure that the whole front of my house had a nice thick coat of white dust get a nice smooth finish for my picture frame molding. Oh, if only I would have recognized the symptoms early on....

Luckily, years later in Arizona they didn't texture the kitchen nook wall, which meant I could cheat. Finally- something I'm good at. Slap up some chair rail, a few mitered boxes, paint it out and we're good to go. That was years before blogging (and patterned throw pillows obviously), so I don't have any close up shots, unless you count thisor this. Down the entry hall we put in tongue and grove paneling to help cover up where the seam was on the wall from enclosing the dining room and adding french doors. Shocker, right? White painted paneling. Who woulda ever thought?

Fast forward to our Utah house with all it's architectural interest. Of a shoebox.

Some pieces of wood, painted out wall...raise your hand if you sense a theme.

Good. I'm consistent. Call it boring, call it predictable, I prefer to think that it means I know what I like. And I like interesting walls. Always have. Not the kind with childrens names scrawled on it, or faded spots from scrubbing poo off "washable flat" (it's a LIE people), and don't cha know I've got plenty of those. I mean stuff like this But simpler. More streamlined. And, of course, painted.

In this house I wanted to do something a little different, and I was determined to do it the "right" way (note to self: it's hard to do it the right way if you don't actually know what the right way is).

I wanted a smooth background, which certainly was not the walls we have.

So up with some "eucaboard," first in full sheets

and then pieced together when I realized how many trips to Lowe's I would be making otherwise. Added some MDF, trim and a little ledge-y top piece to cap it all off

Primed it all out

which is when I figured out that I should be worker smarter, not harder. So on the big walls I primed and painted the background wood before putting up all the 2,174 pieces. (The answer is yes, the dog IS always looking out the window. When she's not busy passing gas.)A thin piece of trim on the side to cover up all the individual pieces.

New baseboards to disguise floors that aren't even close to being level.
And a new lil' frame for the window.
Which looks so purty I hated to put the curtains back up.
From here
to here
to here. The best news is: there are a couple of scraps. Mmmmm...leftovers. My favorite.


  1. OH DANG!! I. LOVE. IT. I am just ooh-ing and aww-ing over it right now. It's beautiful! You're so talented it kills me!

  2. It looks amazing!!!! I'm very impressed!

  3. Seriously...gorgeous! I adore it. Would you like to come do that in my daylight basement? I could pay in you in cookies and milkshakes!

  4. So because we live in different states now does that give me the right to copy you? I may even consider giving you the credit when people comment. those moldings are beautiful, Jake would dig them!

  5. Man it really blows that we arent blood related, cause I really have NO talent like that... when we buy our first house, I will be flying you up to help me out.. and dont think I am just saying it.. I really will!!!! You seriously amaze me, its absolutely GORGEOUS!

  6. why is it that you aren't doing this as a career? hellooooo!!!! you could seriously be making the big bucks!

  7. Wowza Wowza! You've outdone yourself. Totally beautiful, completely transforming. You amaze and inspire me.

  8. My husband hates you. Let me just tell you that in advance.

  9. Do you realize the kind of money you could make off this talent? Better yet, does Roger?! I see that everyone tells you this already, but seriously, you need to contact TLC.

  10. You said raffia cream was comin this way didn't you? Man that must have been some trip across the country for this much therapy.

  11. Wow. You are a crazy lady and I wish I had some of that. I'm just unproductive crazy. Not proud.
    It looks amazing.
    By the way, I think you have a disease.
    But if you have to choose one to have...

  12. What a beautiful change! I love how your curtains "happen" to have a different material exactly at the cut off LOL

    This was worth all the work you put into it.

  13. wow!
    you are amazing.
    skills, great taste, fantastic eye.

  14. We could have informed you about your OCD-craziness before, but you would never would have listened. No worries, I've got your back on this..... clearly your fatal brain tumor is to blame for this too. I'll be sure to add this to the list of I-knew-something-was-wrong-but-nobody-listened-to-me symptoms I mention during your eulogy.

  15. Would you come do that to my house? I love it!!!

  16. I bet that you are having trouble sleeping when these ideas come to you!... Been there done that (as have all your sisters when they get an idea in their head that won't go away until it's done)... Just a side note, Grandpa is the same way with his wood and ideas for the next 700 piece bowl (just an estimate).
    I think that you have out-done yourself on this one with all the measurements and adjustments. I love it.... trying to figure out if I have the time or inclination to start a project like that... I finally redid the Office closet... took 6 years to start... but it's done. Congratulations for taking on such a big project and seeing it through to such wonderful results! DON'T look at the things you may NOT have liked about it now that you are done... JUST ENJOY THE BEAUTY!

    Love, MOM

  17. Amazing work! It adds so much character.

  18. You are amazing and I am feeling like we are actually friends and I should just drive over(maybe 5 hours) and tell you how you are killing me with your mad skills and please just let me see the rest of your house that has suffered and your kids have not eaten a descent meal in weeks....so I feel a better and then I would go ga ga over your walls. Oh and I love your memory lane look at the walls.

  19. Wow, I can't even manage to paint my bathroom and look at all the stuff you're doing. These are all really beautiful.

  20. What color are you painting the walls? it kinds looks like a goldish tan? I really like the color


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