Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Might Be On To Something

Alli girl - you needed my help. You might not have asked for it directly, but this post here was close enough.

And who am I to say no to a friend?

When you said you were stumped on how to fill in the this w i d e space

I thought that it would be a great opportunity to do my very first virtual makeover.

Because sometimes you just need to see it, ya know?

When I saw your big ol' gap, I knew a photo of my sweetie would be just the thing to "set the tone," as them fancy designers like to say.

I like to call it "Forbidden."

Throw in your favorite Elvis throw pillow (in a sparkly fushia - I know it's your favorite shade), the flamingos from your front yard (use what ya have girl, use what ya have), and the ceiling fan from your master bedroom.
Top it all off with Lauren's prized gobbler, and ol' Nutsy Goes To Camp perched a top of yer shelves, and I'd call 'er done.
Who says you need lots of money to buy style? No sir-ee.

High class for the low class, that's what I always say.


  1. HAHAHAHA!! I'm dying that's so hilarious! Wow, I definitely need you to redo my whole house. That picture of Roger--purrrr--I need some more of those; preferably one above our bed? Nothing better to set the nightly romance.

  2. You are a crack up. Do my front room next!

  3. Why did I ever delete that old blog I first wrote about you when we got in touch. Shame on me.
    Classic. Love it. Can I be next? I have tons of empty wall space just waiting to have the tone set.

  4. You are hilarious - you would love my sister.
    By the way - I love the framed silverware down below. Absolutely love it.

  5. BAHAHAHA! seriously, i was crying, you made me laugh so hard. i even made jeremy read this post so i could validate myself - and he was cracking up too!! he very much enjoyed the george/roger/costanza photo, but it was the "nutsy goes to camp" that put us both over the edge. thanks for all those burned calories from laughing.

  6. I think that it is a VERY GOOD THING that you have a VERY UNDERSTANDING HUSBAND! Somehow I don't think that he will object if you redo your room over to include him as well!!!

    Personally, I like the Flamingos. No offense to Roger...



  7. H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!!!!
    Modern art or Masterpiece; you decide.

  8. I have tears running down my face, and I can't stop laughing!
    The crayola fans kills me!


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