Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Anniversary

14 years and still going strong. I'm more certain than ever that you are the only man that could put up with me. Bonus points for still telling me I look sexy (when I don't), and moving the clothes into the dryer without complaining (much), and for saying that you don't mind that I always steal your razor (even if it's a lie). I love you, darlin'. Even if I did't do a slide show like last year.

(which, upon further reflection, should've been titled, "Watch her be skinny, watch her get pregnant, watch her be kinda skinny, watch her get pregnant. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.")


  1. Aw! Happy anniversary, I am so happy for you. We onyl have ten more yars 'til we catch up with you.

  2. so...i can't find your email anywhere.....girl, we gotta chat...!

    p.s...yeah, you don't know me....but i love your blog, i think your awesome, so freaking talented, and super cute to boot, you have the magic number of kids, and today i find out that you're lds, too...!
    *sigh* will you be my best friend...?

  3. Beautiful wedding pictures! Is that the San Diego temple?

    I love that you're holding hands.. so sweet and you have a beautiful smile!


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