Monday, August 24, 2009

12 Years In The Making

Call me Spongebob. It's the Best Day Ever.

That's right - it's the first day of school. And this year lil' Haydo Potato is in Kindergarden. Guess what that means? Mm-hmm.

For the first time since I became "Mom," my house will be sans children between the hours of 7:30 and 3pm.

Yes, I'm totally bragging, and I don't even care because, quite frankly, I didn't know if I would survive to ever see this day.

But it's here.

And it's fabulous. Here they all are, happy and smiling and ready for school, with the exception of Brendan who appears to have been poked in the eye. Or is posing as a pirate. Without a patch.

So how did I celebrate my first day of liberation?

With a trip to the dollar store.

Because when I dream, I dream B I G.

Lookie what I found. Perfect for our Mother's Day lunch party favors.

Because what's a party without favors? No party at all, I say. No Kids Allowed:
Cheryl, Julie, Rosemary, me, Jennifer

Note the disappointing lack of jazz hands/spirit fingers on the right side of the table. Next time I'll have to be more particular about who I invite....although I think I heard them mumbling about being more particular about who they get seen in public with...

P.S I shouldn't be allowed to drive when I'm this happy. Rosemary's got proof here.


  1. Those birdie votives are awesome! I'm working on doing a bird theme in my den, and I stumbled upon them last week! I bought three. . . :) Darling! I love how you gifted them!

  2. HA!!! I had to look at your friends blog and I started laughing... harder! Love it!

  3. yeah for you!!! I always loved it when they went back to they are all grown and moved on and I love it when they all come home! it's a circle for sure.....

  4. I cant wait for school to start, it wont come fast enough! September 9th!

  5. I cant wait for school to start, it wont come fast enough! September 9th!

  6. You lucky b****. For some reason I just keep coming back to this post. Just looking at the pictures. Not of your kids, (cause I'm like that) but of you ladies and the birds. I keep imagining myself squeezed right in there between you and one of the other Jazz Hands ladies. I technically could be there; we are only about a year apart, (although I tell everyone you are 10 years older than me) but alas I kept taking breaks and detours and I'm STILL birthing babies!! I'm still in the birthing phase!! And we are the same age!! That should be me! Me I tell you!
    It's like some distant far off dream. All my kids in school. You know what I would do? To tell you the truth I don't know what I would do but I think I'd have a lot more friends. And maybe be more popular at my house. Right now I hold the bully/jerk title. No one likes me.
    Anyhoo, this is about the fourth time I've read this post. Please do another and stop tormenting me already!!!

  7. I know we aren't supposed to covet and all that mumbo jumbo....but I am so jealous. One day it will be me. I would have loved your lunch, and had bigger, better jazz hands than all of you! Enjoy your peace and quiet.

  8. CONGRATS!!! Love the bird hand outs too. One of the biggest sacrifices we moms make is our freedom. We get it back by degrees. Having all the kids in school is a BIG deal. I look forward to that too. I'm about 3 yrs away from my new found freedom...unless of course.... HA...NOT!

  9. Funny, I had one Savannah go to school (Tanner's charter school does not start for 2 more weeks) and I was on a high like no other! Almost giddy. Does that mean I am a bad mommy? I DON"T THINK SO!
    I will have 2 in school in one more week, YES! 2 at home, one day I will be as lucky as you. one day.

  10. Are the birds from Dollar Tree? Such cute Chicks...get it birds..chicks!!

  11. I never thought I would see the day. You sooooo deserve a few hours of freedom. The problem is that you were so productive and crafty with toddlers and babies, I hardly know what to expect from you now. You never disappoint. :) Enjoy!

  12. I admit I am a tiny bit jealous...JK! I am A LOT jealous. Two more years. two more years. I will just live through your fun times! Cute birds and even cuter tag!

  13. I just discovered your blog and I absolutely love it. Great sense of humor. My kids started school a week ago today. Only a mom can understand the excitement of going to the dollar store alone.


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