Thursday, July 30, 2009

Round Two

Can't resist a good clock shot (speaking of which, guess who got an early anniversary present? This blog has so much POWER! muahahaha)

This "time" it's zoo photos. Here they are... all nine of them.

Not too unmanageable when you've got 5 adults. With whips.

The day started off on a down note, when Sierra's hopes of playing in the creek were dashed. That's the smell of nature, kids.

On the bright side, nobody got hit by sewage from the sky, otherwise known as falling monkey poo. Everybody had a buddy, and Grandma saved the day with snacks when the cries of hunger began approximately 3 minutes beyond the entrance gate.

me and my snack Roger

Behind the camera,

behind the telescope,

and just some "behinds."

(Remember how we were never allowed to say "butt" growing up? It was always "behind." Words cannot express how lame I felt when I found out that the dreaded "B" word that people would talk about had nothing to do with your posterior).

That night everyone met up at the hotel to use the pool.

Most everyone, that is. The previous night we had used the pool Brendan ended up....well..."using" the pool. Closed for an hour until the chemicals could do their job and the water was declared floatie free. So this night we were taking no chances with runaway feces, and Brendan stayed with me. Pee? Now that's a different story... Speaking of pee...

ONLY KIDDING! Please don't take back my clock.

And you know it ain't a party until the gameboys come out.

I feel like having a little party of my own...25 days.....


  1. Looks like a blast. I love taking the kids to the zoo, although, admittedly, I've never gone with nine kids, either.

  2. Rebecca, you absolutely crack me up. This post is so funny, looks like lots of family fun. Enjoy your snack.

  3. I love your sense of humor! I have missed it :) Glad we are back in contact. Wow, what a family vay-k and your not even done yet. Looks like you all had a great time!

  4. Too funny! Just as Heather said, enjoy your snack.

  5. Poor Sierra, look at all those boys!! I feel for you my dear :(


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