Saturday, July 18, 2009

Retail Price Is...

Clock #1: Reg $160 sale 79.99

Clock #2 : Reg $74.99 sale 37.50

#1 is my favorite since it's clean and simple BUT does it justify spending more? It's from JCPenney and I always get coupons in the mail for $15 off $75 purchase, so if I can time it so that it's on sale AND use a coupon...well, we'll see. That being said, #2 ain't too shabby either, especially considering the price.

Am I the only one that obsesses over a difference of $40? Rhetorical question.

I'll just going to save up and then decide when I'm ready.

{Roger, did you remember that it's our anniversary a month from now? Just wondering. 14 years is a long "time", don't you think?}

Speaking of time, take a look at this beauty.

It adorns the walls in Union Station, Washington, DC. The kids were distracted by all the people, shops, and noise, but the first thing my eyes went to was this guy. At least once I stopped drooling over all of this scrumptious-ness.

Do you know what this means? That's right, all my East Coast family, the vacation photos are coming...


  1. Wow, how gorgeous! So few building are made that way any more, I wish they were. Yeah for vacation photos!

  2. bring on the vacay photos! i'd go with the top clock just for the record. nice and simple. and seriously can't believe you are the only one in your fam that will eat a lemon square! what is that? we have to make a pan/person to have enough.

  3. holy smokes batman....$80. that's not HORRIBLE, but i'd definitely be clicking "submit order" if it were $50-60 bucks.

    hey man, with the difference you could go buy yourself like 2 new shirts @ TJMaxx. [again, not that i would know. lol]

  4. I'd stress out about $40 - especially for home decor. They are both beautiful!

  5. Where is the second one from because for 40 bucks, Im gonna order one.

  6. Is the second one from Kohl's? If so, I have it and I love it, but be advised that it is actually plastic treated to look like metal if that influences your decision at all. I do love ours though.

  7. I personally like the first one better, and Roger should be reading this post & taking notes!
    And can we discuss the new pic of the two of you? Sierra called & she wants her sunglasses back! But I think you should keep em, you give a new meaning to hot momma!!


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