Friday, July 24, 2009

Here It Is

The first installment of the vacation photos. Blogger takes F O R E V E R to load images, and, being that it's summer ( 31 days until school starts! ), my patience is limited. So installments it will be.

I should preface this all by saying that we are not a "vacation" family. We don't go to the mountains, the beach, on road trips or cruises. I don't want to sound like a complainer, so I'll sum it up with this: I know my limits. In fact, here is the last time that we, as a family (much smaller in numbers, not so much in girth), went anywhere.

May 2000. Roger's best friend from forever was getting married in the DC area and, since it was Mother's Day....perfect gift, no? Since all of his family lives there, it was a few days well spent visiting. Sierra was 3, Brendan was almost 2 and baby Jordan was 6 weeks away from droppin' out. Literally. Hooked up to pitocin at 7:30am and he was born 3 hours later. Too bad the doctor didn't make it in time. But I digress. Where was I?

Oh yeah - we don't vacation.

(Unless you count moving to Mesa, AZ in 2005 or Utah in 2006 or Texas in 2007. And since those involved packing boxes, tears, and lots of driving.....on second thought, I guess it IS like vacation minus the boxes. And heavy lifting. And naughty words said/mouthed/thought quietly towards your husband when he tells you to "keep the kids inside and come out and help.")

(Oops, not that. That may have happened on the trip. Possibly more than once.)

This time it would be different. There would be manipulation involved. That's right Brenda, I said it.

That's her friend Patricia on the left. I was totally tag-teamed. Guilt trips, bribery, call it what you want, it's all the same. I was helpless to resist. 50th Anniversary. "How often does that happen?" (once) "When was the last time you came to visit?" (ummm...) "The kids would have a blast, not to mention get to see all their cousins that they've never even met before!"

Weaklings that we are, we gave in. Or, to be fair, I gave in. My husband had to promise me that it wouldn't be the most awful, foolish thing to do ever. We put together a saving plan for a vacation "fund", he arranged to take two weeks off from work.... and all the while, I came up with a little plan of my own okay, technically it was my friends plan and I stole it, but I'm giving you mostly full credit for it here and now Janet which would make my feel alot better about all of this travelling business.

Bring reinforcements.

Full time Brendan patrol officers. That love to give "scratches."

My mom and her husband we planning a New York/Niagara Falls trip this summer anyway, so what if we could time that they could "stop" on their road trip with a week long detour in DC? More hands = happier me = pleasant vacation that the children wouldn't have to go to therapy for later in life. Brilliant.

So on the road we go. First leg of the trip was from here to Nashville, where we stopped for the night. Just about the half way point, and so far nobody had died from boredom, hunger or got left on the side of the road. Mapquest time: 10 hours, 15 minutes. We set off the next morning at 5:30am and pulled into Brenda's driveway in Thurmont, MD (just a few minutes south of the Pennsylvania border) that evening. The next afternoon was the 4th of July party. At least that's what Grandma and Grandpa Wisor understood it to be. In all fairness, there were fireworks

but more importantly we got to introduce our kids to their Maryland cousins.

This was taken minutes after these two met. Pokemon - the universal language.

All the grandchildren together for the first time. Not one girl born since 1997. All the siblings. Big ol' baby shot. John, Roger and Hayden: all the youngest of 5 siblings. Lots of eating, with or without utensils,drinking, and being merry. Until it was time for bed. Which, according to my boys, is the perfect time to link up and have Gameboy battles.The next day we had dinner at Grandma's, discovering that most grocery stores on the East Coast don't have a deli counter where you can buy hot fried chicken. What gives people?Then it was park time for some sensory therapy c/o Grandma Carlaand daddyclimbing general goofinessmixed with the inevitable meltdowns.
Not to worry. It wouldn't be the last.


  1. NOT envious at all. I mean.... Wow, what a trip! Looks fun!
    I personally don't call vacations with kids. vacations. It's just more work away from home. WHAT would you call that????? More work away from home. At home I have four walls that keep them trapped. I don't like to venture outside of those 4 walls. Just yet. Yes it's miserable being trapped with them but I hate to run and at least in my house I don't have to run after anyone. I can be a lazy parent.. When we are out I actually have to do something:)

  2. Oh my holy crumb cakes! You are amazing, I wouldn't even chance this with my two toddlers, who have to stay in car seat until I decide to unbuckle them. Totally awesome that you have the stamina for this!

  3. So much fun! I love the pictures of Roger hugging Brenden from behind. I think they're super sweet.

  4. Where do I even begin with comments...first of all, I'm glad I'm not the only one with selective vocab words directed specifically at/for my wonderful hubby :), second how did you meet Roger when all his people are on the East Coast, and third, can you honestly think of a better time for Gameboy battles?! Sounds like my kinda kids!

  5. okay do they NOT have a publix in dc? you can get hot fried chicken at the deli at a publix near you. sarah L-O-V-E-S it! savannah just loves the skin. fun pics!

  6. I love the pic of Roger and Brenden and Brenden's face is turned and laughing. Blow that up and frame it!

  7. Just discovered your blog and happened to click on this and saw that you went to Thurmont MD. I live about 5 mins from there. Small world! :) Loving your blog.



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