Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Almost There

My mom and her husband Manuel stopped by on their drive back to Cali and you know what that means: MORE photos from our vacation, putting the total near 600.

As I'm paring down, editing and trying to put all these photos in order, I'm detecting a common thread....

Yep. Poor Sierra.
Check her out.

I feel for ya, girl. I know it's hard.

Always completely surrounded by boys. Having to hide from the camera.

(not always successfully)

Suffering through things you don't wanna do,

and seeing things you don't want to see.

And to be so blessed with parents that love to be embarrassing in the first place.

It's one of the perks, you know, of becoming a mom....all of a sudden you're embarrassing.....ask your Grandma.

But every once in awhile I see a glimmer of *gasp* happiness

even if you don't want me to

and it makes me smile inside.

Only 562 photos to go...


  1. Sierra girl, I feel for ya!! I am surrounded by boys! EKKK!

  2. That was hilarious! I loved reading that and the pictures where you're kissing Roger were CLASSIC! You should frame it.

  3. She SO looks like what I remember YOU looking like when we went on the cruise (what 30 years ago, ha). How funny.

  4. Darling pictures you captured of Sierra. Love how it shows so many sides of her personality.

  5. great post! sarah is starting that whole don't-take-my-picture-because-i'm-a-pre-teen-with-an-attitude-phase as well. ain't it great! and mauricio and i are always embarrassing her! frankly we all are. poor girl doesn't stand a chance in this family. maybe she and sierra should get together to commiserate. they don't even know what teasing is since they have never felt the wrath of your dad, uncle joe, and uncle daryl all at once! i told mauricio that growing up with those three was boot camp for living with him.

  6. That dodge the camera phase will go away. I promise. :)

  7. Too cute. I can't believe how much she resembles Khristie!!!


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