Saturday, June 20, 2009

When Later Means Now

Roger went out to "get donuts" this morning and came home with this. We had been discussing getting Mesa a friend, since come August, the house will be empty. In that same conversation we also decided that if we did get another doggy, it wouldn't be until next month for good reasons that I won't get into here.

But every evening, I'd find Roger scouring the pet section of Craigslist, ooo-ing and ahhh-ing and letting out deep pitiful sighs of longing. "Come here and just look at that little face!" Which, of course, would be my cue to slip into the role of the nagging-non-animal-lover-wife, and say (oh so pleasantly) "Not yet, remember?"

To which he would say, "Nobody's bringing anything home....I'm just looking."


We've got her on a 24-hour trial period, and if she doesn't work out, she's going back. The good news? She's quiet, well behaved, doesn't bother the cats, and has taken a liking to the children.

The bad news? Mesa keeps gettin' up in her business, growling when anybody goes to pet her, and has started circulating a petition for her immediate removal.

How long does it take until you know if two dogs are going to get along? And is it possible (as we heard from Mesa's previous family), that some dogs prefer being an only child? Any animal behavior specialists out there? Khristie, where are you?


  1. awww... you two and your enormous hearts of gold!

    BTW: throwing a newborn through a window ain't the worst thing I've ever done! :D

  2. I'd say you know immediately if they're gettin along or not. Don't be fooled by the nice-ness! I hate dogs and they only start being bad when everyone that wanted them has left for work.

  3. ummm....that's how we ended up with 4 german shepherds! we were happy with one. mauricio said he'd be lonely. we get a female. she is the digger and the chewer!!! and then there were 8 puppies!!!!!!!

    give it a few more days. she will show her true colors and mesa might actually get along with them. come on and turn on the cesar! he'll steer you in the right direction.

  4. oh and i have a friend who's husband goes out for pet food and always comes home with a new animal. they have like 12 chickens, 5 horses, 4 dogs, 4 bunnnies, 2 sugar gliders, 4 birds, and they have had monkeys and lemurs too!!!! oh and i forgot about the miniture ponies!!!

  5. So how is it going? What breed of dog is that? She looks like she'd grow up to be enormous.

    We're still waiting for the cats to start getting along with Hammy, and today we added another dog to the mix, so right now nobody's getting along with anybody. I think B made it pretty clear that they all need to learn to get along or their treat supply will be coming up short for the foreseeable future, so maybe our house will be more peaceful tomorrow.

  6. Does she have a little bit of German Shorthair mixed in there? Cute speckeled paws!

    I agree with Heather - go with the Dog Whisperer. He is amazing! I, on the other hand, have spoiled rotten dogs that rule the house. As much as I'd like to think I'm the Pack Leader, sadly I'm not. Diva is just an awesome dog, Zeus is too dumb to care & Sage, well she's Bob's fault.

    Walk them together and often to help form a pack bond & call me later. =)


  7. OMG!! Sooo cute! What a sweetie!!!

  8. Good luck witht that. We had two dogs hat were feidns when I was growing up but we bought them together when they were puppies, so they always got along.


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