Friday, June 5, 2009

Last Day

Started out good, since last night I scored this 1930's shutter door for 5 bucks. Nothing like the promise of potential to make me smile. This guy woke up at 3am. Excited. Silly. Giddy.

Unfortunately, Mommy's "Giddy" doesn't wake up until 6:45. Or, in the case of the last day of school, AT ALL.The usual morning squabbles were nowhere to be found. Jordan even let me take his picture... and I managed to sneak one of his cute little (random) dimple. Camden cooperated, although he's against teeth shots, just like big brother. "Don't ask me again, Mom, or I'm going inside."Yes, those are his eyelashes touching his eyebrows. Sierra thinks it's completely unfair. She's right.So to punish him for nature's favoritism, I made him go after this onewho is punch drunk and tried to escape, running down the street even though I am right there. August, come quickly. They left looking like this and came home looking like this. Hello, summer.Next year, we'll be doing the even grades: K, 2, 4, 6 and 8, which means somebody is moving onto junior high. Can you see who?


  1. So all your kids will be in school next year right? Wow, I bet you are ready for August!! LOL! Have a fun summer:-)

  2. That's a great photo doc of the morning. I love, love, love seeing Mr. Brendan's smile.

  3. Ah, the last day of school. Don't worry, he won't wake up early for forever. By the time they hit high school they'll be lucky to drag themselves out of bed to make it to the last day of school at all, let alone early.

  4. Sierra's almost in high school! she's gonna be driving the next thing I know. And doesn't the non-teeth smile come from their mother? :)

  5. WOOO! Liz, you said it! I'm almost in HIGH SCHOOL!

    (And why do I have such dorky hair in the picture? Good thing you didn't post any of the OTHERS you took of me.)

  6. Jesse goes to jr high next year too!
    He is excited because of lunch choices....I am going to have to make sure he doesn't eat pizza everyday. Kai has her learners permit...good thing you are in Texas!


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