Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Down In The Trenches

of motherhood, that is.

D E E P down.

Trying to make this wonderful thing called summer vacation not so boring (a word I've heard said at least 127 times each day... per child), each day we've made little trips out of the house to do something fun. If indeed things like running to Target for batteries and eggs falls under the category of fun. Which in my book they do. Needless to say, each excursion has ended up with Brendan laying in the middle of an aisle - or parking lot, as was the case yesterday - and sobbing.

I was quite tempted to join him.

So what do you do with five children, the oldest of which sounds like a broken record with "How is this supposed to be fun? /Why are the boys being so annoying /Are we going home after this? /Why won't you let me watch Edward Scissorhands?", one that's lying on the ground, two that are trying to trip-punch-gouge each others eyes out (happily, at least), and the youngest running off ahead, straight towards the electronic section screaming, "Follow me to the games, suckas!"

My solution?

Today, we are staying home. Priming over this disaster.

Oh no....she picked the color out herself. Despite the fact that I told her that is would be brighter on the walls. And that she would grow tired of it. And that she wouldn't like it as much as that little itty bitty swatch called "Lucky Clover." But in the end, it's HER room, and she can do whatever she wants.

What does she want?

A new paint color.

10 months later, I'm happy to oblige.

P.S "My room is clean."


  1. Lucky girl with a mommy that'll let her paint. I'm totally jealous. My mother did all of our room decorating when I was her age. Good luck picking out a new color! I'm excited to see the results.

  2. What do you do with 5 kids & summer break? You grab some duct tape and/or Benedryl, get in your car & you drive to Fresno for the family reunion. Problem solved, see you Saturday!

  3. You want to know why you rock? Because you say just like it really is but not in the sad, why did I become a mom kind of way. More like the God must have thought I could totally do this 5 kid thing, so here I go!

  4. oh man, did I ever need this post! I came to the computer to wind down from a loong bedtime, misery loves company! "mom, I cannot find my snuggle blanket!", "mom, I have a splinter in my foot", Me to Corbin "Turn off that flashlight", Corbin, "I just want to sleep w?James, the train"
    Me "GO TO SLEEP, mommy is ALL done"!!! (typing one handed-cause I am feeding my baby) so thanks for the post!

  5. Wow, that is one bright paint. So, what color are you going to use?

    Did you know that if you buy KILZ paint from WalMart that it already has a primer in it? It's also super thick and says it only needs one coat (I do two anyway). It's like 24$ a gallon but if you are buying primer AND paint you could be spending more. (Just considering your monthly budget!)


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