Monday, June 22, 2009

Done For Now

Here it is.

The enabler.

Otherwise known as Sierra's papasan chair that she had grown tired of.

Perfect timing, eh?

I tell her dad's given me no budget that we're not spending money on paint and she's willing to sell her neglected chair on Craigslist. 24 hours later it's gone, and she has more than enough to cover two gallons of paint.(Why don't I go to Walmart more often? $12.97 a can? I'm sold.) I told her maybe we should just buy white and take it back to it's move-in condition...

but that was a no-go. She had decided on "Mountain Canyon," a taupe-y gray with pinkish undertones depending on the light. Her room, her choice.

So with some curtains that had been sitting in the closet since I took them down from here a few months back

and a painted file cabinet for a second nightstand (yeah, yeah the finish....destroyed in the paint project at a time)
and a little magic
this "Lucky Clover" that was a few marshmallows short of....well, short of something
is now....better. With no money spent (technically). Much better, even with a smudgy mirror and an untouched hot mess of shelvingthat looks even worse close up.Gotta have something to work on this week, right?

Oh, and this sweet little girl? She went back. She was such a sweetie pie...but not compatible with the sweetie pie doggy that's already a part of our family. Sigh.


  1. I love your blog posts
    You make me laugh out loud!
    I especially enjoyed seeing the shelves!

  2. What?! $13 a gallon! I'm goin there too.

  3. I love the change! I am a serial painter, I can't stand having white walls- probably because of the years we spent in apartments. White walls say "I can't paint this place because it's not mine!" No white walls in my house.

    Your daughter has great taste! It's such a big deal to be able to make their own space at that age. You're an awesome Mom for making the opportunity happen.

  4. It looks great! Much better thn the Lucky Clover. You're a miracle worker.

  5. That was one bright green room!
    I like the new color better, it's a bit more relaxing.

    If you have a minute, pop over to my blog and leave me your advice on painting my kitchen cabs. I know you just did your recently and it looks terrific!! Thanks.

  6. Make sure you come up with some good ideas for Sister Brenda. :o))))

  7. Rebecca,
    Thanks so much for your advice. I see your point on the darker cabinets and white appliances. Ick! And the crud stuck in the molding! Hadn't thought of that aspect.
    I also really like the idea of doing a richer color on the walls. I have loved my yellow but maybe it's time for a change there as well.
    I appreciate you taking the time to look and share your thoughts.

  8. Sierra's room looks great! I like it!

    And congrats on the 7 pounds lost! You know, I'll stay with x-amount of pounds lost for longer than usual and the reason's almost always due to water weight (gotta love Mother Nature). If you haven't changed anything since starting your "diet" (I hate that word--it's SO not a diet) than it's probably some hormonal reason.

    Keep it up!! Just you wait, soon you'll step on a scale and see that you've lost two pounds overnight. That's how I was this morning. I woke up all sweaty, stepped on the scale and noticed I lost two pounds (I had gained one from the water weight)! It was great.

  9. Out of Kermit's stomach. Yay for Sierra, and yay for cheaper paint.

  10. Very cute, and not the one I picked from the giant pile of chips.

    I take it from the posters she's a Twilight fan--is she excited that Stephanie Meyer un-canceled Midnight Sun?

  11. Ew, Stephenie Meyer un-canceled Midnight Sun? Ew.

  12. totally dig sierra's room and have to make sure savannah doesn't see it or i'm toast! we are trying to do the office right now.

    sorry to hear about the dog?


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