Friday, June 19, 2009

7 Things I've Learned (so far) This Summer

1. If necessary, I will lie to my children.

Since moving to Texas 18 months ago, we've had our fair share of Severe Thunderstorm warnings, Flash Flood warnings, Tornado Warnings...blah blah blah. What do we normally do when we hear the sirens? Go on the front porch to see some amazing lightening Turn on the radio to hear whats going on. This last storm we got (something like 5 inches in 24 hours - whatev), we tuned in just in time to hear that a "rotation" had been spotted at an specific intersection...that was approximately 2 miles from our house.

"That's far away, right Mom?"

"Uh-huh. Why don't we all go hang out in my closet for awhile?"

"What about Mesa?"

"She'll be fine. Tornadoes don't hurt dogs."

2. Sunscreen needs to be reapplied after one hour.

Apparently it says that on the bottle or something. Who knew.

3. Taking Brendan to see doggies get their haircut might be fun, but may not be the kind of inspiration he needs at the moment.

'Nuff said.

4. I don't wear the same size bra as I did before I had babies.

My mom always said that the girls end up smaller than where they started after you're done having kids. Mom, you lied. I finally swallowed my pride and had my first official bra fitting. And boy was I off.

5. I can still make Roger laugh just by laughing myself. Especially when he tries not to.

That's a good thing in my book. There's nothing sexier than a man laughing. Unless it's a man folding laundry. Or a man scrubbing the toilet. Or a man carrying a purse.

("It's not a purse, it's a carryall." Oh how I miss you, Seinfeld.)

6. It's taken me five books to finally start enjoying reading Harry Potter.

I loved the all of the movies, but the first few books...not so much. The 6th movie is almost out (how many more minutes, Sierra?), and I promised that I would read the book before I saw the movie this time.

And speaking of Sierra leads me to number

7. It's official. We have now reached the age where she is embarrassed to be seen with her family. Which I, for one, see as a challenge.

She's cool with having primed walls for a couple of days though.

And while what I think constitutes an awesome room (can I be a teenager again so I can live here?)

isn't quite what she had in mind, she did a much better job of picking a wall color this time.
Any guesses?


  1. 27 days, 2 hours, 22 minutes, and 2 seconds.

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for you great comments on my foyer ready for summer! Looove your front door black, I'm definitely going to go for it. Did you use interior or exterior paint? Glossy or flat? Thanks for the help!!

    And now that we're friends, I have a couple of bones to pick with you, my! You didn't like the Harry Potter books at first?! Are you kidding? Geesh. I'm rereading them for like the 5th time to get ready for the movie. Can't wait!!

    And did I read that correctly that you don't have any gray hairs yet? I hate you:) I'm 32 and I have so many, that's why I color my hair. I'm so jealous!!!!

  3. Is it blue?! I love blue! I've got an almost gallon over here that apparently will be going un-used! Too bad we don't have a Phillips sister compound, ha! I'd let her have it.

  4. FINALLY, a big toothy grin from you. Love it!

  5. ooooo did she go for a seafoam green? that's what's in my room. a nice bold one! can't wait to see what she picks. and for the record sarah has been shying away from us since forever! i wonder if it's because we are always being loud and obnoxious in public? does that embarrass the kids these days?

    and if i have to go over the whole "we know when a hurricane is coming in advance so we can get ready" talk with grace one more time i am gonna slit my wrists!

  6. I'm guessing blue for the room, am I close?

  7. Ohhh, so THAT'S what you look like! I wasn't sure, since you never seem to put yourself in any posts ;) I didn't see any pink in the vote is for fuschia!!


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