Monday, May 4, 2009

Time To Get A Match

Weekend Updates:

Sierra got a new pair of shoes after outgrowing her old ones. Her new size? 10. That would be two sizes bigger than her mama's.

Brendan is coming right along on his daily living skills, including successfully using a Q-tip, which he refers to as an "ears are dirty stick."

Jordan lasted a whole day with no video games and lived to tell about it.

Camden was able to unassemble and put away all evidence of a structure that sounded suspiciously like a fort (which were forbidden here) in the time it took me to climb the stairs.

And Hayden's preschool has a "probable" case of swine flu so they are cancelling classes for 2 weeks. You know, so the kids can go back just in time for summer vacation.

It's also been confirmed that we have two cats and a dog that aren't capable of doing their job. As if that needed confirming.

I was getting a book off the top of the piano to take upstairs when I spotted this...

A teeny-tiny mouse doodle. Right above skippyjon's head, as if to let me know that this unwanted guest may be small, but he ain't easily scared.

I immediately started an all out search, which consisted of me calling Roger at work and telling him that HE would be looking in every closet, blanket basket, and underneath all pieces of furniture as soon as he got home in effort to locate the blasted thing.

No luck. Not only could we not find him, but we couldn't find any other mouse doodles that would at least let us know where he had been.

"Maybe the cat's did eat him," Roger speculated.

Hmmm...then where's the leftovers?

"Maybe Mesa ate that."

Yeah, or maybe he didn't like it here and opened the front door and scurried out. Or why even scurry? Maybe he hailed a cab.

Saturday we got 6 inches of rain, hours of lightening, and a full out tornado warning, which I knew must be the answer to my prayers. It was a perfect plan: The twister would head straight for our house, leaving my family safe and sound, but tearing off the room that the Mr. Mouse was hiding in.

When the sirens turned off, I was forced to move on to plan B, which involved leaving a trail of bread crumbs up the stairs leading to the kids rooms, so that if he did come out to nibble at night, at least he would be moving in the opposite direction as my bedroom.

It is now Monday, and we have yet to see more doodles or locate said doodler.

I'll now be moving on to plan C, which is to burn the house down.

Everything except the upstairs bathroom that is...I've almost got the paint situation under control.


  1. Ack! I hate mice! Disgusting little vermin that always look darling on Disney movies. good luck with that. We always hd our best luck catching ours with peanut butter. Happy Monday.

  2. Our best mouser was our old arthritic blind cat. The other two were too lazy to do anything about it except play with the mice until they got bored and then let them go.

    Does Sierra love having big feet? I'm a ten, too. My sister's at least an eleven.

  3. That's what I'm talking about.... things aren't working, go find a match! It seems to be the solution for almost everything. If I had it my way, this house would have been burnt down at least 5 times over.

  4. You really are such a good writer, Rebecca. I always love to come here and read what you have to say -- whether it's about poop or pomp.

    BTW: David and I were reminiscing over J.B. last night. He once tried to shame me under the table for having a COKE (sheesh! I had a headache and he accused me of being an apostate). Anywho, I was glad to know you once got him in trouble.

  5. I think you are hilarious and that skippyjohn jones is the best book ever! and I hate mice, rats, opossum, squirrels, nutria,.... any yellow-toothed, flea-infested, chewing, gnawing, nasty, pooping vermin. Get the troops ready for all out war against the varmints!!

  6. We have a sticky thing in our garage:)

  7. LoL- burn down the house.... That was a joke right?

  8. We had mice at work and I learned from the exterminator (and the evidence) that disturbingly, mice have no control of their urination and it just comes out wherever they walk. Yeah, ewwww .sorry to inform you of that. Burn away.

  9. love it!!!! we had those in our old house up in the attic, but lo and behold seriously like 3 days before we had our inspection to sell the traps finally worked! ha!


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