Tuesday, May 26, 2009


When we moved in, our kitchen was in good condition. Granite countertops, stainless steel sink, smooth top stove....all wonderful things.
But aside from that? Bo-ring. And if I'm gonna spend half of my life in here (someone get me some statistics- I know that number must be right), well...let's just say that the kitchen stayed as is for approximately 2.38 days before it turned into
Oh yeah, I still had bathrooms that needed unpacking, bed pillows that needed finding, but dang it, a girl's got to prioritize.

Molasses colored walls, heavy duty pulls, although not heavy duty enough to be stood on by little-and not so little-boys. "Get down! Those aren't ladders!". Just a few things to make such a huge difference. Not to mention keep me sane until I could finally get around 10 months later to starting on what I really wanted to do, like getting rid of this... or at least camouflage it a bit. Same difference in my book.

I took this from my "love it" folder as inspiration

and kept myself busy while Roger was out camping with the boys. So when he came back this which looked like this because of a certain somebody who was in charge of dishes that week - I won't say any names...
had gotten a facelift. And while I had the paintbrush out, I might as well do the walls too.
Yip-pee! Now the black appliances actually make sense.
Step 1: Step 2:
Step 1: Step 2: I didn't even move the cat hiding on the chair or the shoes on the floor....why would they be there anyways? That's certainly not where they belong. So weird.

And the unfinished shelves from the microwave...uh, situation?
All better.
I'm pretty sure that the fire extinguisher goes without explanation.

Now if I can only convince my sweetest, strongest, most handsome husband in the whole world (you're reading this, right Rog?) to let me bash out replace the tile backsplash, I'd be done in this room.

TOTALLY DONE. Did you believe that? Me neither.


  1. Holy crap, I knew something was different, but didn't know what until you said it! I looooooove it!!!! Wow wow!!

  2. You NEVER cease to amaze me! Seriously! Picking jaw up off of floor.....

  3. Love it, even though it was fun putting on the first coat of paint!


  4. GORGEOUS! The black cabinets look so good, and the wall color is perfect! You have a lovely kithcen.

  5. yeah right like you will EVER be done! it looks great! and in answer to your question about the harry potter thing, i think i lost my hearing when they showed the trailer during the american idol finale! they are BEYOND excited. sarah even asked to go as her birthday present. check! that's easy right?

  6. very, VERY beautiful. Once again, you've done it again!!

  7. You've seen my wallpapered kitchen and I have been trying for a while to figure out what to do about it. I will admit I never thought about painting the drawers and cabinets, even though I am not crazy about them being white.

  8. I hope those utensils are bolted down. If not, I'm waiting for the post where the kids get crafty with their morning cereal. But I do love the black, good choice on color, looks fantastic.

  9. WOW!!!! Looks marvelous!!!!

  10. HA! I was totally looking at the fire extingusher and laughing before I read your comment about it. Love it! LOVE the cabinets!

  11. Ok you need a little something over the kitchen sink area (the soffit?) like "do your OWN dishes" or "where'd the maid go?" :)

  12. I live in Twin Falls, you are welcome to come anytime and help do a little face lifting here.
    Sheesh, love the pictures and all the changes.

  13. I love it!!! I love the color of your kitchen too! I started painting my house and have almost the same exact color as your kitchen (it was a walmart mistake and then turned out too dark so I had to mix it with white--can you imagine walmart making a mistake? Ii'm still shocked). But my color's a tinge less green. But I'm SOOO in love with it! I worried it would be too beige-y and pink but once the walls were covered, I stepped back and thought, "Perfect".

    You're so dang talented it kills me! I was going to go over to your house before picking the perfect paint swatch for my house so you could give me your opinion. But I was so excited to start painting that I grabbed a color from my magazine and took it with me.

    Now I'm trying to get the landlords to let me paint these dang doors! The hubby's fine with it, he even said YES until he took it back and said that he needed to talk it over with his wife (CRAP...I was SOOO close). It's just the misses that's hell bent on keeping her beautiful oiled doors the way they are.


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