Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Man Stuff

Roger cowboyed-up last weekend and took Camden and Jordan on the church Father/Son campout, despite the fact that it would be outside meaning that there would be dirt meaning that there was a very high probability of getting dirty. One of the worst things in my husbands book, aside from stale licorice, vegetables, or being more than 1 hour away from the nearest Arby's.

Hayden refused to go because he would "see bugs and I don't like to sleep with bugs", and since Brendan can't sleep without his beloved Disney movies playing through the night, he got to stay home with mom as well. As irony would have it, a severe storm knocked out the electricity for a few hours, rendering his TV useless meaning that I had been granted a front row seat to an all night tantrum by candlelight. My own little camping trip. At least he's got a papasan chair in his room to curl up on, and since it was 150 degrees inside the house I didn't even need a sleeping bag.

Good times.

But at least I didn't wake up with ticks....which is more than I can say for these two fellas.

Don't ask. It's the testosterone talkin'. What's 2 hours southeast of Dallas? Humidity. Look like swamp water to you? If it looks like swamp, and smells like swamp... well, Cheryl can tell you.


  1. That first picture made the lake look so pretty- until I saw the scum!

    We're not big camping fans around here either. It's not the dirt- I don't mind that. I hate the not sleeping part.

    Sorry about your own camping trip. Ugh.

  2. It took me a minute to figure out Camden's shirt... HA! Ok I love camping, but I'm not so sure about camping in humidity. No thanks. It's gotta be cold out side.

  3. that is exactly why i keep telling mauricio that i don't do florida camping. i had enough of that crap at girls camp in texas and missouri! plus, i don't consider it a vacation if i still have to cook, clean, not shower, AND sleep on the ground in a claustrophobic inducing environment. (sleeping bag AND a tent! no thanks!)

  4. Yeah, I don't know about that "lake". I think I would have been out of there once I saw the crocodile, alligator thing! But what great memories for your boys to have.


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