Monday, May 18, 2009

It Comes With The Territory

The first step of painting, at least in my book, is picking out the perfect color. Mmmmm...My favorite part. After owning 5 homes in the past 14 years, we've picked out a-loooooot of colors (although it still surprises me each time we move and I start the multiple-paint-swatches-taped-up-all-over-the-wall-thing how many times I see the same colors over and over. You love what you love, right?)

Now they've even got these cute guys for $3.97 so you can actually "try out" a color before you commit to a whole gallon.But heck, where's the fun in that??? Just go for it I say.That way when your 12 year old gets home she can say,"I thought you wanted dark brown...that looks burgundy." To which the 8 year old can reply, "Nuh uh. It looks reddish, like Mom's hair. And old time-y. Like cowboy days."Not quite what I had in mind.

Which would lead to step #2 of painting: Have a Plan B.


  1. were those your kitchen cabinets? Are you goin for the dark under neath! I'm excited to see how it turns out!

  2. I love to live vicariously through your d*i*y adventures.

    Do you still have those "cute" birds above your door? :D

  3. I think it'll look better once you get three or four coats up there. At that point you're kind of committed, though, so...I don't know. I like bold colors so I would just keep painting it and hope it grows on me.


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