Saturday, April 11, 2009


Yesterday was not "Good Friday" for our family: we had to put Grandma back on a plane to go back home to California. Sewing lessons, stories, stories and more bedtime stories, a jazzercise buddy...we were all spoiled rotten while she was here and, in the words of Sierra, "A week isn't long enough..."


  1. Nope, never is.
    I've started to subtly campaign to my parents they really need to move down here.

  2. I understand completely. Our family lives far away, too. And it's hard to see them go whenever they come to visit.

  3. Your mom looks great! I can only imagine the fun you guys had with her. My mom asks about her often, like how she's doing and all. I can't wait to share this and the last post with her.

  4. They aren't the only ones with withdrawls! It was off and on crying on the way home... the laughter of memories .... to missing them.... to so grateful that I had the opportunity to even visit and spend some time getting reaquainted!! Thanks for letting me come and spend precious memory making time!


    Grandma (mom)

  5. how much do you love skippyjon jones?
    my mom is moving in with us this month. I hope it is as good as your experiences with your mom.....


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