Friday, April 3, 2009

Plumbers, Police & Produce

Who said that jokes were only for April Fool's Day?

On Wednesday I finally got around to getting the upstairs shower fixed, since the leak had gotten so bad (not slowly better as I had hoped - dang it) that you could actually hear the water running downstairs. 60 bucks later, problem fixed.

Not even 3 hours go by, and Jordan comes in from the garage saying that he heard "the sound of water running" outside. Boy did he ever. It seems that this guy

was emptying his contents all over the garage floor. 18 years old...I guess that's mature enough to fly the coop.

So we ( and by "we" I mean plumber #2 that got called out ) sent him to the alley to be with the fire ants that I managed to step on while getting a nice curb portrait. Next time, I'll make it a point to put on shoes first.

But we have a new water heater.

Thank goodness for home warranties.

And for savings accounts that get drained to pay for what they don't cover.

Enough excitement to last me awhile. But alas, the night was still young.

With all the work going on, the back gate had to be unlocked. Little did I know that it never got re-locked. A small detail that didn't escape our Brendan. A detail that, to him, seemed an open invitation...

Let me first say that Brendan is well known for escaping the house. It began in back in Utah, starting slowly, then turning into an almost daily occurence. He'd slip out and run down the street, bolting into people's homes, strangers or not - it didn't matter to him. If you left your door unlocked, you were fair game.

He'd play with their toys, move their Christmas packages from their doorsteps to their beds (sorry Tracy), and poop on the new neighbors white carpet basement floor (I'm still REALLY sorry about that Kim). I even got a call early one morning from a guy from church on his cell phone saying that he had spotted Brendan (wearin' nothing but underwear) chasing some deer down the main road (next time I'll take the extra 30 seconds to put on a bra before attempting to catch up to him - you don't KNOW how sorry I am about that Jared).

Needless to say, we installed locks. LOTS OF LOCKS.

Most people use them to keep people out. Ours were to keep an adventurous 8 year old in.

Once we moved to Texas, the behavior stopped immediately. It's been 1 1/2 years, and we've been relatively lucky. Until yesterday.

In the time it took me to heat up a cinnamon roll, put it on a napkin, and walk out of the kitchen to give it to him, he was gone. And the back gate was open.

After a 10 minute search, I called police. I couldn't find him, and I didn't know if somebody else had. He could've walked into anyone's house. Or garage. Or who know's what. And he had no way of telling them who he was, where he lived, or that his family was looking for him. Please God, let somebody call and say that they've got him.


Within minutes we had 10 officers scouring the neighborhood, along with a bunch of people from church (thanks for making those calls for me Elizabeth!).

A half hour goes by. Then an hour. The sun is beginning to set. Almost two hours later, and we get a call from some church members saying that they've found him here:

One mile (2??) away, not to mention across 4 lanes of busy traffic.

There he was, barefoot, with an onion in a produce bag trying to scan it in the self checkout lane. Completely oblivious to everyone around him. No idea that his mother was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. No idea that he was doing anything wrong. No idea what all the fuss was about.

In fact, the first thing he said when he saw me was "Feet are dirty. Feet got owies."

Yeah, I bet. Next time you might want to put some shoes on first, buddy. Those fire ants are vicious.


  1. AUGH! You have to read my last post on my blog. Is this what I have to look forward to? Gideon has gotten so good that he knows that he can get into the garage, into the car, and push the garage door opener. Presto! Very large access to outside! I am glad you found him. I can imagine the terrible panic feelings you had to experience.

  2. OH WOW! That is scary!! I'm glad that he's okay! I worried that it was about Brendan. Yikes.

    And I can't believe that he would check an always-locked gate to see if it was unlocked! That's amazing. You'd think he'd give up.

    Thanks for answering me!

  3. Rebecca, I am so sorry that happened. I'm so glad that Brenden was found and he was alright. I can only imagine what you must have felt while he was missing. Thank goodness for the kindness of friends and the efficency of the police.

  4. Oh my gosh. Watch out. My daughter, the world traveler, was also an escape artist. She is still escaping by traveling everywhere.

    There's nothing scarier. I wish I'd known. I'd of been there looking too.

  5. Ain't Life Just Dandy, an adventure with every open gate. Kids are precious, regardless.

  6. I must say he made us feel quite welcome in the neighborhood. The funniest thing about him popping in at our house was how freaked out my girls were. They ran to me wide eye "Mom, there's a naked man in our house". I don't think he qualifies as a "man" but I guess when you're 6, any male over 100 lbs qualifies. :)
    I'm curios about why he chose an onion???? You'd think it would be Lucky charms or something a little more exciting. Heck, an apple would be better than an onion.
    Glad he's OK.

  7. We'll have to have David work some of those details into a gallery some Sunday.

  8. Ok I was laughing (only because I knew you'd already found him) when Mom told me the story! I'm telling you... anyone needing some entertainment should just park it out side the Wisor home and just wait. Something is bound to happen!

  9. God Bless you. That's all I gotta say. God Bless you.

  10. holy crap! thank goodness you found him. did you buy the onion for him?

  11. Oh man. Laughing and crying again. What can you do but laugh. Right? Because if you can't laugh then you cry and that's no fun at all. Here is my wish. That they would make those micro chips they use for lost pets for children. I'm being totally serious.

  12. Oh my goodness! I'm glad that you found him safe & sound. I can't imagine the terror you were going through.

  13. OH MY!!!! I can't believe it!!!

    This is the scariest story...and all after such stress with your water heater.


    I remember a few days that were stacked like that.

  14. Wow, and I thought my week was crazy. All I'm trying to do is rent out my house! I'm glad everything turned out okay with Brendan. That's so scary!

  15. It's a scary feeling to loose sight of a kid for a few seconds in a public place. But 2 hours!! I would have lost my mind! So glad he's safe.

  16. you poor thing. my heart goes out to you. a mile away. wow. thats incredible. and if we wanted them to walk a mile they'd complain the whole way right. m

  17. Bless your heart! Locks are good, shoes are good, running to Albertson's....not good!

  18. Oh I have so beeen there done that. Autism can be an adventure. Your son reminds me a lot of my own. :)


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